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Shenyang Mocha private Photography Club is a to personality wedding photography, and personality photo photography, and Shenyang art, and Shenyang wedding photography buy, and advertising media mainly of photography media company, for Shenyang area founded time first, scale maximum, strength most strong of Shenyang wedding photography, and Shenyang wedding photography work room, and Shenyang photography work room, and Shenyang took wedding, and Shenyang personality photo, and Shenyang wedding photography which home good, and Shenyang photography work room which home good, and Shenyang personality wedding photography, and Shenyang best location wedding photography professional wedding photography services. After four years of development, has made considerable progress. Now the company specializing in wedding photography, portraiture, couples photo and other photography business. Now an area of 500 square meters, the main members of dozens of people, a large professional Studio two. Location photography base two. Wedding dress more than 400 sets, 9 Department of refine business vehicle. Designers are the late photographer photography Professional Bachelor's degree in design, can meet the requirements of customers. Dedicated customer service is our eternal principle of service.

Shenyang mountain by the sea, with hundreds of kilometres of Golden coastline, Haiqing soft sand where you will be infected by the vision of the seas, dumping of sea charm. To feel what is "forever," what is "clear water, blue sky". Treed in the city, with many German-style architecture, do not have a taste. A kind of exotic and classic beauty will appear before your eyes. Badaguan scenic area with many Villa buildings in Europe at the beginning of the last century, like a European town, ya pleasant walking the jungles along the street lined with gingko, France plane brings brilliant colors to your eyes.


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