Wedding dress sense

Please avoid the tacky wedding photography poses

Tacky wedding photography poses and couples to rely on-
This style is most commonly used. Simple props, a small stool remedy, even when there is no stool can also take the stand; styling convenience couple naturally appropriate action easier to make, as long as the two people can open mouth smile, laugh can also shout "Tian Qi". Overall performance and feel dignified and couples relying on rather intimate, such as superficial and very Oriental charm; facial appearance and facial expression totally revealed and welcomed by the majority of newlyweds and the Studio, wedding of a giant photograph taken this shape.
If the woman's body but in obesity, which can then evolve into annular, hands around the bride and groom's shoulders or waist, is more intimate.
Tacky wedding photography poses-II, couples gaze to look
Couple standing (crap, sitting and looking how to? ), Stare, showing lingering affection. This key is to grasp the eye, should not be too rigid, it is necessary to show both lang I, the love of water, not too pretentious. Better to let people have the feeling of being at a glance. Bad grasp of technical means, obscured the eye details.
Tacky wedding photography poses three, looking to the future-
Couple standing in the same direction, take the side position, eyes staring straight ahead (about Revolution themes of relief to see much of it), this method can change angles, show new most beautiful side, two contained promising profound meaning. Of course, also be accompanied by the groom's finger gestures in front of, highlighting the vision, pointing to the groom's leadership style.
Tacky wedding photography poses four, bird-
Leaning on the bust of the Bride Groom who, on the shoulder or arm, shows charming soft groom responsible image of the bride. Of course, the bride's face expression of pure happiness key. Groom's expressions of delight or serious or both.
Tacky wedding photography poses five, kissing cheek-
Side cheek kissing the bride and groom. Of course, the kisses make a move, licensing, and opportunities a lot of cheek, not necessarily broken bride hard good makeup here. Higher levels could put a couple slightly some distance apart, creating a dynamic sense of beauty.
Tacky wedding photography-position six, sassy
The subversion of patriarchal tradition. Under the influence of sassy girl Korean, women usually play winners, men with exaggerated expressions, or trivial actions, show listen to their wives, and not at all against the poor image of. What is more, even the clothing is reversed, is admirable. But whether the groom after the wedding is really as shown in the photo's as Meek as a lamb, is unclear.
Tacky wedding photography poses seven, back to back
Usually couples back to sit with the lawn above the lens often appear in a tree and other third parties. Which can make people think husband and wife relationship began dating scene, lush grasslands, clouds fengqing, the two inadvertently say something, extremely soft, and can shoot background grass, showing scenes of harmony between man and nature. Couples can also turn to different angles to create atmosphere. The two sides depend on each other, the true interpretation of the spouses share feelings.
Tacky wedding photography poses eight, at arm's length-
Husband and wife keep a certain distance, complete with eye contact. Of course, it can also make each hand holding, aloof, reluctantly, not farcically, emotions just like in the middle of the visible, as Cowherd and across the River, the beauty of distance. Also contains Trinidad led charm, of course. The distance is the key.
Tacky wedding photography poses, nostalgic-
Bride and groom costume play, qipao the bride and groom Tang costume robe or both. Scenes commonly used butterfly lovers, read the study, noise alarms. Commonly used folding props, brushes, thread-bound books, ancient musical instruments, the groom usually handsome son dressed up, on one side write or watch the bride piano, and is often accompanied by a flirtatious look. Old processing photos later. General application nostalgia spot for couples, or arty.
Tacky wedding photography poses ten,
Is the photo of a human body, human photo and belong to two people meet. Its basic element is that Lady wearing bridal tiara and a man wearing a white bow tie, wedding themes; reuse bouquet, white yarn, and body to cover privacy and reflect the curves of the body.
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