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Wedding Photography Studio glossary

Wedding Photography Studio there are some technical terms, ordinary people don't understand what that means, but I often listen to wedding photography studio said, we will now explain the meaning of these terms
1, in one
Describing is a kind of photo album, is directly in the photo album, thick, hard, rather than affixed with a white album ready photos. Studio in one of the much higher price than posted that photo album. But it costs almost, it was also said that one of the lower cost!

Is for the photo itself, using Photoshop to your (few) combines photos and some good looking templates, can form a very good result. In the figure below is a kind of digital design, but with a photo (a virtual one) and a template design. Similarly with two, three images can be
3, full
Intact washed out photo of you
Photo album 18 inch, washed out of the 18-inch, is called the full
18 inch album labeled 11-inch photo is called non-full version

If digital design ready, 18 inch album, washing 18*2 the photo, making the whole surface is, is spread,
5, number of copies and page
Studio JMS talks into the count, such as 26, but pages that a lot of people talk about
Album plus the back cover and inside front cover, 8 pages in General is 8*2+2=18,9. 9 page is
If digital two-page spread design, on a large, multiple-use photo, very beautiful
However, the corresponding, which was even rostered (unless beginning agreed), the wash will reduce the number of pages. If the list of 28, made 2 for a two-page spread, is a 13-page album, 4 photos (pictured), a two-page spread was 6 pages of the album.
List of photos of nervous on how to allocate resources, depends on the JMS hobby ~
What is Bible album (order must read carefully cut)
Saw a lot of friends ask what Bible album, devoted here
Found that there are still many people do not understand! Bible album is full version, full version is if you say a porn full page zoom on it, this cost is the same as for Bible album, so talk about full version and so itself is JS fraud,
Bible album also known as heat-mounted hot album
This album is a specialized manufacturer, complete with the specialized professional equipment, General Studio is unable to produce their own, it is a full-page photo of hot pressed together mounted on stamping process to thicken.
Pros: overall is strong, seamless, page within the page edge to become one, not long off with time, should not be deformed, beautiful appearance.
Traditional photo albums
General, the wedding photo studio to make her own, making low cost, just photos glued to the inside pages, long easy to disengage distortion, especially in South Suzhou, after 2-3 years of the rainy season, basic photo albums will be out of shape deformation.
The Bible album (also known as heat-mounted gilded album) 1 time more expensive than ordinary photo album, is inevitable trend for later albums, now part of the Frank wedding photography studio has been included to this package, but there are a lot of dishonest cheat customers by sticking with traditional photo albums to, some other Bible to add expensive post.
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