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Overweight MM wedding photography

Overweight MM in wedding photography will somewhat worried. Worried that they would shoot out fat, if not beautiful. In fact, wedding photography, photographer's level and angle are related, tips, experience can make your wedding photo shoot is a good result.
Fat bride's face will be round, how to make the face look smaller, still believe in makeup techniques. Good makeup artist through a combination of shadow and shape and make your face look small. Generally shadows with light emphasizes the contours and lines of the face. Modeling using headdresses, earrings and other items could also play a role in transferring Visual focus. Make large face is not so obvious.
MM fat tend to have large breasts, which is a rare advantage because dresses are generally stressed that the curve of the chest, of course, this also brings some small effects--sometimes the choice of clothing may be subject to certain restrictions. My experience is that fat MM wedding instead of a wave Li Ting, prepare a desirable under the wide shoulder straps underwear, underwear keel of a cup can give extra support. Fixed effect is good, because the dress in the chest are generally support, coupled with the make-up Assistant fixing clothes behind a little more, we need transparent straps.
I'm the makeup Assistant has been praised for its photo me two things well, underwear, is a body sculpting underwear-commonly known as the girdle. Fat MM back there will be meat, wearing that half of body-shaping underwear is all tied up meat, haha, they easily dress. I chose the clothes are all very fit, dressed well, body shaping underwear to keep a first-class merit. Therefore, body shaping underwear for fat MM role not small Oh ~~~
When choosing a wedding dress, fat MM slim clothes try not to wear. Wedding dresses are generally group support, and the dress is something very personal. I thought that feels so good to dress, but my makeup Assistant told me that slim figure was slightly plump MM wear clothes are very easy to expose weaknesses. Cheongsam of the body and is very good, it is easy to highlight the stomach Oh ~ ~ ~ choose a skirt even bustle dresses will make you look very different. I was selected after a big group up the dress, the effect is really not the same, waist was fine, but my hips wider, Pannier's support does not come out at all.
Recommended that JMS pick clothes ask makeup artists and makeup Assistant. We understand their bodies, but the dress we usually have not worn. Respect for the professional advice is essential, they face a lot of guests every day, after all, at this point they would know better than us what kind of clothing for your body. Good dress and make-up assistants will be according to the temperament of the bride choose to dress. We have questions to ask during the wedding process, do not feel shy, good communication will make you twice in the wedding.
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