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First question: what is a wedding photography? Wedding photography involves what?
Wedding photography is, of course, your wedding dress photos, each bride wants to wear a wedding dress? Look their most beautiful preserved forever, wedding photos are a good idea. We got to the wedding photos, generally refers to a professional Studio, wearing their wedding dresses and gowns for professional photographers and make-up artists to dress up, photo editing and design build and get the beautiful photo albums and other souvenirs.
Photo contains full of a lot of things, in General, take wedding photos will not only wear a dress, Bridal white into both indoor and outdoor, evening dresses are varied, we Chinese also took costume dramas about the traditional, which is at least 4, and prepared their own clothes, fashion, et cetera. Because of changes of clothing, so shapes have changed a lot, so makeup is also a very important aspect. Dressed up in photographs in Studio, on location, now will pick out some on-location photos, naturally, so photos will take a very long time Oh, be mentally prepared. In summary, photo-after some work, such as the selection of films, continue to figure out which photos will be selected into the album, and so on, these late works are the Studio the very important round of confrontation with you Oh, because those things outside of your selected package is to da money!! Finally take tablets, this is probably the most happiest one step, you see Studio opened mouth laughing is taken ~~
To sum up, wedding clothing, makeup, photography, later four, during which there are various bits and pieces of the process, such as the dot to select in advance the Studio, pre-selected clothing, owned objects and so on, unable to come, Goblin shut up and which JJ Goblin said incomplete, feel free to add HA ~ ~
Q: when is a good time to start preparing as wedding photos?
This is a serious problem ... ... Why, because you want to see when is the bride and groom's wedding. Studio wedding photos, generally speaking you want to want to provide some wedding invitations, posters or something to your wedding, so the wedding is before the wedding. How good? If starting from scratch, choose Photo Studio to take some time, if the mm that can choose a half-of excellence too, this is pretty much like buying a House, buying a House is not looking real estate, too?
Shooting itself as long as a two days (unless to is far of place took location Ah, what begging force mazzarò like of, that can on day back not to's); selected tablets and take tablets also not too took, the one day certainly enough has, main is middle will has waiting for making of time, that will compared long, to wants to not so tension, not so on, best at least in wedding zhiqian three months on prepared took wedding.
Third question: how to visit Wedding Photography Studio?
Wedding, like shopping, shopping around is the best way. Conditions, you can follow your friends and relatives to scouting, so that he will not be the main target, more sober. You must personally, don't go alone, her husband or other relatives and friends, better have a reference, to know that the Studio was also ill ... ...
Visit the wedding photo studio for the first time, may be inside the colorful furnishings and those how aesthetically appealing wedding flower eye Oh our little brides as a sane, not so easily confused! Take the following principles:
1) placed outside the wedding dress for you to wear at all, if you want to wear is much more money.
2) don't just look at the photo album, to be concerned about the style of the album itself, ask different kinds of photo album size, grade, page, pick your favorite, ask the price. To know these inside the package is moisture a lot of things.
3) look hanging in the shop zoom, picture frames, textures, typographic design, and ask you want to choose your own name and price, when bargaining with them at the time.
4) at Studio provides photo, need not envy others beautiful models completely, knowing that every bride is the most beautiful pictures of accessories to the ~ key to see the, face makeup, backgrounds, designs and styles, your appetite is the best ~
5) If this is the first time in the Studio consulting, simply consult the package well, pay the deposit do not an impulse! Studio of the deposit is not returned. Don't believe their concessionary period, that offer every day, even in the absence of or talk down!
6) it is important is to compare a sincere, calm and steady, not seem at a loss. Sincerely expressed interest in a plan to be back with my family to discuss today couldn't decide, but likely will take in the near future ... ... To know the Studio is more fierce competition, consulting for a long time can not settle down, fight a lot, how can happy, happy to leave, the bride's State of mind is very important.
7) when you shop around, you can shop around from to retain ★ ★ says, as a bargaining chip. Why retain it? For example, a Studio that we give you a 30-inch oil painting; b Studio the same price as long as 24 inches. Don't I'm just saying a 30-inch, I'm 30! Observe carefully how, perhaps finally b to 50 inches!
8) observe the Studio not only image quality and technology, but also his sense of business and service. If holiday visits, you are the only guest, it is to be vigilant. Paradoxically, fear on the one hand, on the other hand this store would be a little less guest shops Kissinger ... ... Also see who greets you, dress and talk like him/her. The wedding, is a happy, happy ending, if you start keeping your heart sad, how can I do? If you find a Studio does not pay attention to customer service, only soliciting bragging, it is run now, late must have a pitcher of drink!
IV asked: before the photo, benben bride to do beauty? Do you want to do nails?
If stupid bride has always had the habit of going to the beauty salon, then before taking an intensive maintenance is the best. If you basically haven't been, it's best to one month in advance, if pictures of strange beauty salon the day before, using unfamiliar products, result of allergy, that on bad cake. Do it yourself at home facial mask, get a good night's sleep also good Oh.
There are a lot of stupid asked to nail polish, as is quite popular these days weather. I think to be a fine, excellence; nails is not short but do well, best not to hold photographs. There are fake nails, if you bought but the fake fingernails, can bring the Studio let the makeup artist to help put it on. If you don't do your nails, Photo Studio will put some inconspicuous nail polish on it, I feel good enough, might as well go buy some nice pink nail polish, or the transparent flesh-colored Nail Polish, oneself, more beautiful.
And hand care, conditional if to do it well. Otherwise, the knuckles are a bit dark, Oh, on top of the white wedding dress stand out. Elbows must not forget, of course, with a lot of arm movement, elbow calluses above can be unpleasant.
Of course, if clumsy brides usually with careful maintenance, skin is also very good, and that there is no need for the programs listed above. Before the wedding to worry too much, the maintenance can be completed before the wedding, the wedding is, after all, PS, don't worry too much ~
Question: what are ampoules? Ampoule that is sure to please?
JM who began to do work in the community, I can see people saying "bottle", what does this stuff? In simple terms, is a cosmetic, with a very little bottle filled with liquid, its effect is to make the skin smooth, soothe dry skin, oily skin will control oil secretion, isolated makeup, makeup for long.
Studio in time ★ ★ to bridal makeup will sell this thing, and the use of powerful psychological offensive, making dough and thin bride couldn't refuse, spend the money (in General a bottle price of not less than 100, will sell at least 3). This bottle is definitely not a necessity. Mm if the usual make-up of oily skin, it may be more trouble, because the oil secretion is easy to take up. However, Studio ampoule, actually, is a low-cost product, no matter how loud he blows, which States which import, in Wukesong, 3, 40, is not necessarily better than you usually use on products well. Suggest that you own, buy it uneconomical in the Studio ~~
VI question: my skin is not so good, will not affect the picture quality? How to adjust?
: To adjust the skin is not. Many brides will be busy wedding, but before marriage will be very tired, which is not conducive to the maintenance. Remember one rule: sleep! Sleep is the best maintenance.
Many brides face with small peas, some brides worry about white enough. These photos are not a problem, because a very heavy makeup face, all covered up. Mm skin is dry to note, since all day with heavy makeup, skin is very hard and dry, and laugh, wrinkles is easy! Mm so dry skin, just before taking the best hydrating mask to make one week, water Skin Conditioner; continued for a week after the photo mask, the skin is best to meet wedding.
Many brides is easy to ignore the body's skin. Like to go swimming in the summer, drying out the pandas, then photos wear tube top dress is strange. Though who can powder but grounding out look wow. So photos a month before not fierce Sun, you can choose something with whitening body wash and body lotion to protect arms, chest, neck and shoulder, as these are easily exposed for the camera part. Some mm back will have small peas, don't worry, back because not a lot, Halter is not a lot, really to choose a halter, can also communicate with the makeup artist, let them get some powder to cover.
Seventh question: what do husbands need to prepare?
The bride was beautiful, the groom is green in the photo, not particularly nervous. Must wear black shoes and black socks, the groom very rare exposed feet, some exterior shot of the bride and groom barefoot lens, and cangzhuo, do not worry.
Generally fail to dress up the groom, the bride needs to help husband took note of the following points:
1) hair. Groom's hair is makeup artist blew up, but won't change too much, the best Barber completed a week before the groom takes a photo. Hair dye in advance. Brides as well.
2) teeth. Groom if the teeth are bad, we recommend using whitening white tooth paste, or determined not to grin when taking photos! Otherwise the effect is very poor.
3) skin. Groom not so intensively film conservation, but photographed the same day or to apply some moisturizing creams, or dry skin, that should give him also the ceiling bottles of it!
4) beard. Beard easily groom, shave in the morning and in the afternoon out. Photo day wears an electric razor, it can blow at any time.
5) nose hair. This is a little ... ... Oh, but many guys really nose hair very long, a smile through out, too emotional. Photographs must be modified before it. Brides also look well.
6) footwear. Groom generally have little opportunity to the feet. If only there is a full-length picture of the dynamics also appear, the insurance plan is all black socks. But with white will choose a white suit, White leather shoes can be selected. To see the bride and groom their own ideas. Other colorful shoes had better not choose, if it were to help a pity.
7) rings and fingernails. Groom's hands will have more opportunities to play, so nail trim, don't nails with black mud play! Rings needed to wear a wedding ring or decorative ring to see shooting style. Let the groom wear a velvet pouch, assorted must be well packed, change clothes be sure to check the pockets, or take a picture of lost his ring, is in big trouble.
Eighth question: how much money wedding photography need to prepare?
Mainly price standards are different, so a buy it now price is not easy to say. Beijing and Shanghai are more expensive, last seen in the jar has a JJ like Guangdong, beautiful as well, the order is also very good, as long as more than 2000 Yuan; Beijing, Shanghai and the bride was not so lucky, usually have to spend a lot of money. Briefly the price situation in Beijing. Two floor prices, mainly, generally starting around 1500, is the most simple packages, clothing minimal, less photo; then more than 2000, and more than 3,000, tens of thousands of more than more than 4,000 to be. But generally would double again in the late-for the selection of films will have a variety of late consumer waits for you. Now determined without a penny, post later learned of its own, your thoughts will likely change, always tell yourself: I am the most beautiful bride, my husband is the most handsome husband, I selected photo is the picture perfect, no matter what result will not regret it, will not affect the mood of the wedding of Oh ~ ~
That is, in Beijing took wedding, selected those xisidongsi of common Studio, basically spent 5, and 6,000 is compared General and reality of, hand of photos not more also not too less; also has 4,000 following compared success of, not many see; also has tens of thousands of of, that is strength strong of bride's, not so care silver of said, generally also not spent so more......
Nineth asks: how about orders?
After shopping around, you stupid stupid bride was also the idea, are supposed to start have decided to sign the Bill. This is first of all battle field, if you want to play well, but not easy Oh. The first thing to do to prepare is, with my husband and talk! In General, my husband would say: "I have listened to you! Do you like better! "But we have a lot of uncertainty, need to let my husband is out of ideas. Husbands really don't know all those big and small gifts and photos and so on, their only advantage is sober, sensitive to budget, brides want to talk, and then let the husband once, must be consulted in advance of a bottom line, does not reach the bottom line the old referendum does not let go, it is better to cut down. Also note is that Studio package is priced at the same price on the basis of the contents is important, and don't want things, prices are cheaper, this is not realistic.
Remember when we talk about preventing Studio appointment on pre-sales, they usually will let you get lost in those secondary aspects, give you some small gifts and photo number, put large grade and so on, will deliberately go around, make you spend at a later stage. For example, if the list count is only 20, that we should try to talk more; don't believe what they say, 20 is enough, then took more than 100, you refused to give up.
Tenth question: what must be in order?
Now Studio inside the Department, so many miscellaneous things, photo album will be divided into many types, each has a different price! Of course, the most expensive is the best. We don't have to focus on their terms, in one, Camilla, we only have to look at the sorts of things, and then pick the best in each class, even if the task is complete!
Basically, a meet the requirements of the following:
1) albums (which is very rich in contents, behind Andy elaborate on)
2), large (at least one of the Studio's most upscale)
3) clothing (at least one VIP)
4) at least one principal makeup (including Taiwan and make-up artists, referred to as Taiwan)
5) at least one principal photography (including Taiwan photographers, referred to as Taiwan)
6) location (or Sun Peng, in short, is the place where Sun)
7) ornaments.
8) wedding invitations, and posters. The bride is preparing for her wedding, save two hearts.
There are also a wide variety of gifts, and so on, don't forget the last Studio to a VIP card, free anniversary photos in the future. Other relatives and friends can also be used, but not white do not.
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