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Literacy solutions for wedding photography questions and answers 2

11th question: how to determine the album signing time?
Photo albums must have at least 1. General Studio provides two copies of it. Why? Because this isn't enough, you will have to add the money to buy a book! Now with father-in-law mother-in-law with live of mode gradually less has, new General are willing to had two people world, himself of Mus musculus, father-in-law's husband's family, also has home, so album best is has three this of; however in Studio do album does not pays, as added a this album about 1000 block, has this money also than took with film to a trip five tree pine, can do 3,4 this has.
Goblin believes that albums have a enough. Real people read repeatedly, only the bride and groom, once seen by others. At their in-laws ' family album, it won't be long before he was thrown into the bed ... ... Studio offers albums do not have two? Or her books removed, folded into negatives; or not maiden albums, two magazines, relatively light and easy to carry, and for parents to see.
Album of ancient China Golden Eagle Silver, molding, full version, is very complex. I think there is no need to understand all the nouns are, as long as when I talk about, with a Studio album of all times, ask the price of each, and then ask what kind of. If it's not right, it must fight for what albums should not add money to upgrade.
Bullish on albums like this in advance is important. Many brides until we get it that the album is not satisfactory, then again trouble and emotional-since that time has been paid in full, you are not God. Recently seen brides ask how to put pictures on the cover of the album, very atmospheric, didn't pick this is the beginning of a good album.
Four weeks full version that is not white space, photo with each page of the album. I personally like the style Studio is also strongly recommended. If you want to keep the home, to bring home books upgrade to full version, otherwise, only 7 inch photos into a book, I'd break into film, will find a digital print shop, printing 7 inches is 1 Yuan, 10 sheets sent one.
List count is the greatest, generally a photograph list price is over 100. Let us think back to order, which means that a 2500 wedding is really just 25 photo list price! Photo is the center of everything. Stupid bride talking about when single, you can try to add photos to a photo album, such as 10P album is added to 12P,13P, it is possible, may add more money, or cut out some of the other gifts, but it should be later than on cost-effective, because early have no money to pay, stupid only when the bride is confident most Oh!
12th q: pictures that day, bride wear good underwear?
First, the bride ★ ★ be sure to prepare for a strapless bra. Underwear is also the best seamless underwear, Bridal dress up definitely marks no, but slim evening gown, and sometimes can see some traces of. Is it necessary to wear the invisible underwear, one of those silica gel texture is attached to the chest of lingerie, you stupid bride itself to see the love. I have always been the thing at arm's length, if posted weak fall down, but at least ... ... There are many brides will choose slim underwear, such as what tingmei, is also a good choice, but if it's the height of summer to go on location to avoid sweating, clumsy brides can be prepared.
If stupid bride to bring invisible underwear, there is a great deal of good, is not the Studio marketing. Dress Assistant will sell this stuff, it is very expensive, and less likely to reject another stupid bride was embarrassed enough to ... ...
Some stupid bride asks, I'm Princess Taiping, and wants to shoot a sexy effect, decorated with underwear it? Well, sex is a matter of debate, in fact, I think a lot of flat shape is quite sexy, such as Sammi Cheng; really want to upgrade the Cup, then two recommended a water bag is a soft Pearl strapless BRA, love, ordifen, typical of the brand, very comfortable; another is invisible underwear.
Try not take a long time and is not recommended to try over the weekend. Weekend pictures are super, no one wants to try on bridal reception.
13th ask: what is the VIP clothing? What good are you?
Wedding, wedding is the most important garment. Earlier, generally speaking photos at least 4 sets of clothes, wedding make up two sets. If you want to have more choices, find yourself a suitable wedding dress, should secure at least one VIP fashion. Studio VIP fashion what are the benefits? First, the relatively new. Big studios such as Vivian the bride, new wedding dresses every year, so it is in line with the trend; the second, relatively clean. VIP clothing protects better, looked more comfortable; and, third, avoid taking pictures to be sold the same day. Many don't subscribe to VIP clothes bride, was taken the same day to the VIP area, eyes bright, just not willing to go back to a normal and good pay ... ... So, rather than early orders set to one or two VIP suit, or even all of the clothing is optional, you can avoid later expense. Upgrade a suit generally 500 wow!
To ask when talking about Photo Studio clothing how to divide the grades, which is the most upscale, and then in his own Department to move on to the next set. Generally not too difficult. If VIP clothes you want to wear, that is sure to add money.
Having said that, actually, I am not valued VIP clothing, think this is Photo Studio gimmicks to make money. As we usually shop, expensive clothes, they wear will look at? Fit is the most important, our aim is to take good photos, friends and family enjoy our photos, nor our clothing is a common area or VIP area, as long as the good-looking on the line. So, did not move on to the next VIP clothing stupid bride never frustrated, you can look through the clothes of the VIP area, particularly interested in, you can talk to them and less money to upgrade, if not don't have to envy other brides, ordinary clothes were very beautiful, to see if they fit and take effect.
Similarly, benben bride to buy her own wedding when is going to take this well, right is the best, rather than the more expensive the better Oh ~ ~
14th ask: what is it? Of units?
Taiwan has been leader of the wedding, until now still continued to emerge. City, most of the wedding photo studio to take or learn from the Taiwan model. Foreign monks will chant, not to mention San Diego from wedding Taiwan, many Studio facade to hang naturally, some Taiwan photographers and make-up artists to attract customers. Some studios are Taiwan boss, made more use of their own advantages to Taiwan photographers as pillars, earned the silver pot full pot full.
Taiwan is Taiwan photographer; Taiwan is Taiwan makeup artist responsible for the bride's makeup-note but face makeup, city, make-up, hairstyle and the shape is generally responsible.
I thought this shoot and, it is not necessary to. Not to mention if he really comes from Taiwan (accent is southern bank), even if true, is the communication is more important. Because modeling this is personalized, stylists and photographers have their own preferences, clumsy brides also have their own hopes and communications express their requirements in order to achieve the best results. Technology, and I believe the studio bosses are very smart, photographer and stylist technology does not pass, would have been fired long ago, photographer, so we should not worry that the Chinese technology is bad or inexperienced. And Taiwan's advantage is that configurations are good, people are pleasant gentle, good communication and Taiwan photographers White has a wealth of experience, so many brides like to let Taiwan photographer to capture the most important indoor white yarn.
When you talk about the order, you can fight and, better than nothing. Generally speaking Studio will more easily give in. High price of packages, requires consistent, one-on-one service photographer and makeup artist, common set of systems, there is a one to two, experience a different style, are almost the same.
15th ask: why location? What are Sun Peng?
Sun awning. Is an outdoor Studio, every Studio has not necessarily, may not be able to completely take the place of location, but the Sun to drop out of the Studio lights were never the same. Why on location or sun awning? Because people feel more relaxed in the outdoor, will be in good shape; especially in continuous shooting indoors, kept being asked the Knicks happy smile, are stiff. Can go outside for a walk, naturally raised his head and shoulders, smile and cheerful lot. And the outdoor red flowers and green grass, the Sun is the most beautiful. Location effect of high-rise buildings can also choose to make an urban romance, you can also choose some character building or alley, to make a unique impression.
16th ask: Crystal? Lamy? Zhang Bao? What is it?
Goblin said: these outlandish claims, refers to means of amplification, inlay, printed with a photo, made into ornaments. Crystal is a unsaturated polyester resin cover photos, effect of the surface is smooth, lamina is a Suede effect. 10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch or larger size, said it simply is to enlarge the photos, and then doing the hard thick can be placed (very straightforward, right? HA HA). Now there have been some double-sided transparent crystals, dubbed the "magic crystal" reputation; Zhang Bao is in small-sized photograph, similar to the wallet photos and names a lot. Brides can be seen doing floor display all of these little things.
Girls like these cute little things, studios generally are happy to give these low cost products to enhance the richness of the package. But Andy remind clumsy bride: the decoration of the wedding was not the only, or even the decorations for a long time, so many glittering ornaments home, large and small, can have little meaning? But these things cost very low, is interested feel free to search on the Web, dozens of money of crystal ornaments are everywhere, in the Studio they worth soared. But when Goblin suggest that these things can be more, as much as possible. Why? Because later they film.
17th ask: in the order I get what? Posters and invitations is important?
In addition to the above said clothing, ornaments and so on, stupid bride may sign the Bill and still fighting for the last item: posters and invitations. Wedding stupid must both things, larger posters, at least 50 inches, or no effect. Texture is best not brittle and stiff cardboard, now has a soft non-woven cloth, there are plastic push-pull-type posters are stronger than a calendar sheet. Because posters to be placed in the hall outside to people watch, bumps or weathered, crisp quality paper will soon be broken, give the impression of sloppy.
Wedding invitation Studio does not give too much, 30, 50 or so were over. Wedding invitations with wedding photos would be very interesting, very beautiful, when family or by the elders sent is very eye-catching. So it's good.
But these two things, and after the wedding was completely useless. So not going to stupid of the wedding the bride, or aimed at late into the film (Oh, film first WOW ~ ~ ~ ~).
OK, on order and the areas that need attention, goblins have been basically finished. The Studio is different, order I'm afraid very much, clumsy bride signing myself to remember when, it is best to take pen and paper strips and write down, carefully written to order what they promised, never believe what a verbal agreement.
18th ask: before taking this need to try it on?
If clothing in 5 sets, it is recommended that advance to the Studio try, selected in advance. First photographed the same day cross-eye can be avoided, wasting time and secondly, you can set your favorite wedding dress, so were other brides wear away, missed the wedding of your pity.
Try on wedding dresses have a benefit, is to know yourself and put on the kind of wedding dress, what weaknesses will be exposed, such as thick arms, armpit meat meat and more, short neck, and so on. And you don't look good wedding dress hanging and wear effect after coming out.
19th ask: how to select large areas of design? Enlarged right?
Zoom in color than the album. Because blockbuster was hung up at home, photo album does not a day, every day on large but oh. And albums may not like the stuff under his bed; a large if not like it has been hanging ... ... So large is really important.
Photo Studio set inside the Department will arrange two zoom, is a display of the living room, a display of the bedroom. Idea is very good, need to be aware of are the size and grade. A 30-inch ordinary painting, upgrade to the 50-inch high-end large, Studio reported price differences of at least 800, in general we have the wedding will choose well, so if you only see the good in the late, they simply do not want to have normal, had to go spend money on upgrades. I think it can be done in the bedroom charming style, select a relatively sedate in the living room. Zoom in on him, then there is no meaning, even if the family room, and each room are a little tacky wedding ... ... So if the Department has more than two sets of amplification, may wish to fold for the upgrade, or film.
So, talking about when to go in the Studio and see what's the best zoom, large upgrades to own the Department how much money must start as soon as possible and asked, if possible, to write more insurance in order.
Another poster is not amplified, because posters are too big, impossible at home, with only the wedding, after the wedding can only be rolled up and the bed. So if you do not do wedding mm, not posters, upgrading it into large post, to be much more suitable.
Some large areas with a few negatives into one, the effect is very good. When you select this mode, it must ascertain whether or not these films are included in the final count. In other words, like blockbuster used 3 exposures, the final count was rostered contains 3 also contains a piece. In General Studio will say count 3, smart bride should try to negotiate only one, however, one should note that if only one, it might be able to get the final synthesis of that film.
Also there is a small trick: during the shoot photographers keep their gap, may wish to tell him that, now this model is ready for large. Is said to have placed large commissions, photographers will cheer up a good shot.
20th q: pictures of auspicious is ... ...?
Said before, take pictures at least three months ahead of the wedding. What day is it? Strongly recommended ★ ★ not selected weekends or public holidays.
Photo day and we should try to go early, around 8, and later, from the outset, such as cosmetic, shape, choosing what to wear when someone in front of the bride will shed any clothes to wear, I don't see; finally to to good night, always should give up sleeping late that day, the early bird catches the worm.
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