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Literacy solutions for wedding photography questions and answers 3

21st question: picture day, how should I dress?
Photos must have moisture that morning, get up early, then you can simply make a mask, because all day with heavy makeup, not ready, has too much damage to the skin. Regular moisturizing after, preferably coupled with a transparent primer, isolated make-up. Not with polishing function, see or makeup artist will make you wash, mm would see on other sites recommend moisturizing cream avene, I have not used, consult interested brides can look.
Choose lightweight comfortable clothes of the style is good, there is one principle is easy to replace. Because of wear after the wedding can't go to the bathroom, and sometimes wear a wedding had to wait a long time to shed, wants to go to the toilet to do what in the Middle, light clothes can quickly wear off and on, hehe.
Hair must not be sprayed water holding hair gel or something like that. Because the stylist will mess up your hair, while a huge amount of gel, fresh and supple enough to keep hair in the morning.
Husband to put some moisturizer, or will also be selling bottles
Their common skin care products do not have even brought make-up artists are also generally do not give you. Studio easy Remover is not finished because the Studio provide products good enough, might as well go home with their own products.
Asked again, it is best to prepare a soft small bag, cell phone, camera, rings and so on can be loaded into, let hubby take care, don't throw things.
22nd ask: makeup artist makeup to give me, I don't feel like it, what can you do?
Stupid bride pictures hopefully before, imagine makeup artist painted himself into Super big beautiful women? However, very often makeup artist makeup, especially stylist to design modelling, less we like, what can you do? I'll help you.
1, before the makeup, makeup artist little chat, he will be able to know about your character and preferences. If the picture you see in magazines or on the Web is very beautiful, it can also hold to the makeup artist, explore your own reference model possible.
2, will ask what color of makeup artist? Often the bride knew what color of makeup well, from the makeup of the bride not equivocate or picked by him, you can say I want something a little lighter, or want gorgeous, in short, to express their ideas.
3, after the draw good makeup take joy or frustration, looked in the mirror and smiled, pouted, make a few more expressions to see the effect. Don't really like it, then level with makeup. For example: eyelashes were overdone, too red or blush, he will refer to your opinion.
4, draw up to allow a husband to look at in the future. Stupid self who, after all, her husband's satisfaction is our number one goal. And sometimes stupid husband eyes said, referring to their view is also very good.
23rd ask: take photo self-timer tidbits for you?
I do not know how other local rules, Beijing's major studios generally do not agree with the guests to bring their own cameras. While Xiao Bao did not understand the reason for what is, but if you do not take snapshots, is a lot less fun. So small I suggest you take a light camera, stealing a time to return, it's fun!
Studio found generally stopped, even threatened to confiscate cameras. Of course not too tough, but stupid brides don't get too comfortable, because it doesn't quarrel with the Studio is not worth it. More upscale VIP lounges were but a sparse, when staff is away, clumsy brides can self.
There is a problem is if I don't buy a bottle, will make-up artist in anger, do not give me a good makeup? Stupid they don't want to, because the bottle is not necessary, but he'll give you a good makeup is a must. If he had to lick, clumsy put forward do not change, then do not hesitate to complaint! Studio management and strict in this regard, particularly bad makeup see come out all at once, makeup artist will be very severely punished. So stupid the bride can be assured. Of course, even if not buy bottles, there is no need to be tense, still whisper as possible, anyway, no, makeup artist and no reason to get angry, right?
24th ask: white shoes red shoes? Sneakers high heels?
The bride is afraid to leave a little bit of regret, so for shoes is better, of course! Picture day what kind of shoes should I wear? Small treasure to help you count: white yarn to wear white shoes or satin shoes, evening dresses can be coupled with the gorgeous high heels, the costume equipped with red embroidered shoes, of course ... ... But why must so many shoes to? Of course not!
Generally not to the foot, if you really want to expose the feet, you can choose to bare feet! Very cute and playful, the effect is very good. Of course, if you bought a new PP shoes, want to show off, or you can try. However, still have to consider the question of matching, even if the shoes are beautiful, not matching with the wedding, and clothes is to prevail.
Fewer shoes about stupid husband, dark socks and black shoes will suffice. If the location has that very high level, can take to their feet, then let the husband ready to pair of white shoes, may be used. In short, taking, no matter, is not required.
Unless there is a shoe, wear out, it's Cinderella's glass slipper! Small transparent Crystal high heel shoes if there stupid bride bought a must wear a Oh, very beautiful ~ ~
25th ask: photo process what caution?
Once into the shed, bride and groom Ben Ben Ben Ben, becomes a family hand puppets, someone asked you how to pose, you're posing, someone asked you where to look, where do you see ... ... Many brides do not like this, and want to take individual photos. Here I want to say that Studio staff is comparatively rich experience, know how to pose better, unless stupid bride for you know very well and have the relevant knowledge, or still try to accept the views of aides and photographers. But we can still try to avoid production line:
1) Exchange. With photographers and assistants stated that pictures of what kind of style, and wanted to show what aspects of modeling. For example styling is a fashionable city girl, it would need to shoot some publicity, rather than steady Lady. Assistant will help you set a similar pose on the cover of fashion magazines
2) if it is a digital photograph, there is a very good advantage is that we can first try to take a picture, then look at feel. While the digital camera's display is very small, but could make stupid one I found this set of styling characteristics, and can see some flaws, such as bride big mouth laugh when, possibly teeth is not good enough, so the toothy smile is the best; for example the groom look stiff, and so on, can be seen, can be adjusted.
3) if there is a position or not, at any time with them, and her husband do not force yourself.
4) Studio background or location of the props, if you think interesting shapes, you can enjoy the performance, you can avoid the same. For example, the forest's background, you can choose m-strong posture; location if there are swings and stuff, wedding snow effect may be required, and so on.
5) must be in a good mood. Most of the time, it feels not so good photos, get a look at the effect is really nice feel when engaged, get their hands on but could not find how. And thousands of people, even if it is the same posture, different people to have different effects. Do it yourself the most comfortable in the best light, you can have beautiful photos – think, nature's most relaxed and most open mood, status will be better and better.
6) if the photographer keeps you laughing you think not laughing, however, can be asked to take a photo of a sense of cool, was no smile and see what happens. Wedding, after all, is not a personal photo, however, is still mostly festive photos, so laugh when I look at my husband, touch his face, beautiful smile naturally.
7) photographs to last all day, to keep their status, can take delicious chocolate body and maintain in a good mood. Photo Studio offers drinks, try to drink more water and pure fruit juices, drink less sugary drinks.
8) can chat with photographers, let him talk her husband and what is the most beautiful place, needs to cover what it is. Different photographers have different answers, of course, but our stupid bride wedding for the first time, of course, to learn as much as possible the opinions of experts. To know and constantly improve themselves, later also shines brighter and better, Oh.
9) indoor white usually plays, not in the first set. Because stupid bride out; not in the last set because it is both physically and emotionally has ... ...
26th ask: Photo selection, when to go?
After the photo, Photo Studio agreed and selected time. Than the bargaining order, selection is more intense fighting. Why? Because money has been made, Photo Studio the opportunity to finally make a killing here and clumsy brides don't know where interest: how expensive a negative! Both sides will launch a long tug of war ... ...
Thus selected are the same as on order, to choose a more ample time, talk enough to cope with. Weekend no matter, selection of films and photographs are not in conflict, with no Studio one sector, do not take good care of stupid bride.
27th ask: selection why pay more? How much does it cost?
This is also a point of issue. Especially when a lot of silly husband does not understand: my photos are paid a lot of money, why the selection of films still spend it? Simply because the Studio wanted to make money (stupid bride protest: don't say no use! )…… OK, I'll elaborate on, the story is this, is this:
Photo number do you carefully when shutter is pressed the number? In General, optical film Studio, each set of clothes will take 10 to 15 Digital Photo Studio as around 20 per set. While on the set of orders signed, about 30 pieces into the volumes had been very ill. So there must be a process of selection from the many photos. Wearing pictures of wedding dresses and gowns, and Studio to create elaborate, often out of stupid bride full of joy, of course, want to want that ... ... Film outside of the package is to add money Oh! If you want to be album, is even more expensive! As a result, silver splashed from benben, flows to the Studio.
The selection of films and how much money different stupid brides have different situations. A lot of brides had ideal, all the negatives were bought back, to spend 7 or 8,000, too; the bride too well, and evil bile, not a single extra, not a penny more. The most common situation is to add 1 to 2000, plus 10 per cent of the volume, change some little thing, upgrading some large, and so on
28th ask: selection of what are the basic principles?
To see stupid bride wanted a photo or an album ... ... So, be sure to note:
1) stupid bride with her husband good Alliance. A not satisfied when another will echo loudly, don't people disagreed.
2) photos and then the United States, don't smile, this or that case. But the still waters, and even appears to be quite satisfied with that to cut price to Oh.
3) set a budget, take things in this budget as much as possible, more than he will resolutely deny. You will find that you will soon forget those things that won't.
4) first pass should be axed, even if by deleting fine to only 10. If you only remove the 5 photos, Photo Studio won't give you after the sale price.
5) emphasis failed to achieve their objectives, for example, want to show personality, and want a unique sense of style, and so on. Studio picture would certainly say that we miss no problem, just different to your liking; don't worry about her, just complain.
It means, it is an objective: let the studios think stupid bride money is not easy! Better prices later
29th ask: negatives first stupid bride, how to choose?
Selection by deleting several rounds, there's nothing to delete, you can begin bargaining. If photos are not elected to the requested number of sets, then boldly called for new photos! Studio sale generally back a little gentle encouragemnet, let you select. Stupid bride you can wink at her husband, made him the peacemaker, pretend election, stupid stupid I will have to choose a time to leisurely inquiry. Beijing Photo Studio photo rostered each offer more than 150, single film is 60 to 80 for each silly brides can say for head pressure: too expensive, or give me a new photo.
Studio sale is generally more experienced and will encourage you to buy more film, so you can also price cheap. Confrontation, is nothing more than stupid plus 5, the sale price down 10 dollars and so on, until when you absolutely can't continue, clumsy brides want to re-examine the order, and then sea News asked her how much money. Anyway, can fold several photos. To continue asking her Crystal, Zhang Bao and the like worthless creature, step by step introduction to the topic: the film a lot, others can not!
Aftermarket can stop limits is not much, she was struggling, ask stupid budget. Then let the husband speaks, says an ideal line (note that this amount is basically unable to achieve, such as 1000 got all the negatives of), and then make some concessions, for example, in addition to albums and photos, and like Crystal piano, others gave up. Then sale can't be said for the primary, clumsy would encourage her to ask the Manager, is almost here. Because managers make a decision, it was renamed is not very good. Manager cannot do silly request, but much better than talk to after sales for cost-effective, for example 1000 can add 20 exposures or 10 photo list or something like that. Stupid finally make one more effort, is to talk with the Manager, earnestly said relatives and friends also need to take wedding photos, advertising for this set is full of expectation, and so on. Manager may appropriately give several options to add something or something like that. Film first silly, of course you want to take the opportunity, take these things continue to request into film ... ... Finally will be able to get the final results, stronger than resigned anyway.
Oh, it is, for example, reality, also you stupid bride's strength and luck. After the bargain is complete, you can be a final round selection, get most of the film. Don't forget to check back orders and managers talk about the content of one article has seen well, don't let wily wrote less well after the sale.
30th ask: how to pick a clothing?
Wedding is the most important, so stupid the bride to select bridal style. Inside and outside the room and two sets of white yarn should be different. For example, the outdoor election trail, indoor you can choose small tail; outdoor selected stomacher, interior can choose straps, to reflect different styles as well.
In General, white is not very simple, after all, is a formal wedding. But it is necessary to highlight the curve of the waist and chest. If they are not very sure of it, can also make dresses Assistant Help reference. There is the need to try to see the effects, wedding dress hanging in there have no sensation at all.
Too much glitter decoration is now out of fashion, lace, plain embroidery and small bright spot hidden under layers of tulle to make a nice impression. Especially not to choose that body covered with plastic sequins and beads wedding dress, is a little rustic.
There is believing their own aesthetic. Himself at his most comfortable system you want. Never mind what others say, because the wedding photos in your mind is the most valuable, finish up also in the future, even if 100 people say no, as long as the bride and husband Ben Ben Ben Ben likes, what would that be?
Evening dress more trouble to select. Because the body is still required. Busty bride can choose the fluffy skirts and shawls, a kind of elegant temperament; thin brides can choose slim type of dress, but in the chest or crotch of large flower ornamentation to emphasize the feminine beauty. Color is free.
Costume selection without any taboos. Because of broad band significantly, and red tone. Very happy. I really want to wear red clothes, best lips red and not too prominent eyes makeup, it's truly a woman in period costume. For example in mourning clothes. Otherwise it's like visiting the forbidden city of foreigners, that's kind of weird ... ... These can be communicated with makeup artist in advance and let them prepare. Princess with little body red, fengguanxiapei are also generally have a lot of blue décor, makeup choices more abundant.
31st asked: digital design do you need?
In order to avoid the photos in the album is too simple, in order to make a number of obscure or special effects, Studio will normally provide digital design, which applied a number of professional templates, and like to pull out into the dreamy background, can give the art of movie posters or paintings.
Does it require all digital design? I'm not necessarily Oh. Photos if the mood is good in itself, then changed out of all recognition is not a good thing. Most natural are often the most meaningful. Quality effects and digital design, with the designer's aesthetic and Photoshop levels has a direct relationship, he likes is not necessarily stupid bride. So, if a large number of digital design, it would be once again looking at design time.
In addition, Beijing now has many retailers can provide digital design services, cheaper than a Studio, and flexible, are interested in stupid bride can discover it yourself, take the Studio bought the film to let them try (note to agree, only after satisfactory payment), we may be able to get styles and attractive photos, Oh!
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