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Wedding photography before you make a reasonable budget, is to choose wedding photography wedding photography studio, you need to make a budget for your wedding, and choose according to their economic power to suit your level. Under normal circumstances, the wedding costs from 2000 Yuan to 10,000 Yuan or more different, most people will choose the 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan of quality, in fact, at the time of budget wedding photography, you first must define how you want to be the effect of the wedding, because different styles, different wedding photography prices vary greatly.
Activities every day, signing skills
In fact, most of the incidents involved activities like shopping discounts, month, Zhou Zhouyou, every day there. So you don't get the Studio hype tempted by the offer, especially when the waitress said that today happens to be the last day, you have to be calm, do not believe their luck as well, shopping, shop around to bottom.
Dang you decided select a home wedding Studio or photography work room Shi, do don't worried paid deposit, Studio every day are has offers, so-called catch, you can first with Studio of service Miss keep contact, didn't two days she on will active to you call told you can to you more of offers, if you again drag she a two days, to you of gifts and will increased a two.
Avoid consumption trap, after careful consideration and then pay a deposit
In many activities Shang, wedding Studio and work room will with huge of offers attract associate new signed single, and to pay deposit as cooperation of premise, at you must to for himself towards more of offers, like clothing can free upgrade, free gift Ann bottle and so on, while you also can with gave up sets Department in the of large to for copyright of way to additional film, because also size of large, you himself to rushed printing social flush certainly to than Studio cheap have more. Anyway you want to release on bail if you can get the rights embodied in the contract and pay a deposit.
Smart bride three ask
1. makeup, styling: makeup, modeling costs are included in the overall cost is an extra charge, such as charge, reference how much is the charges; bottles, makeup skin care products, Nail Polish, hair, flowers, invisible straps, issuing such items are included in the make-up, styling services.
2. clothing, and props: clothing, and props of costs is contains in overall costs in of also is addition charges, as another charges, reference charges standard is how many; wedding dress are has what style and size, whether has grade difference; Studio provides of wedding dress belongs to what grade, whether can free select dress, whether has whole group gloves, jewelry (necklace, veil) and so on, what situation Xia will increases, reference costs is how many; location shooting wedding will water, shooting after, whether need pay cleaning fee, If the selected dresses in dirty prior to pickup, then Studio how to handle, if taken early agreement could not be found on the day of the wedding dress and how to deal with; what is the limited use of costumes, props, under what circumstances will fare.
3. additional costs: in case of rain or other bad weather, choose capture date if you want to increase, if you later need to Reshoot due to fare what is the reference prices, midday meals and other standards later if the selection of films selected a few, beforehand how reference prices for the selected films.
Studio Services sign list is Miss a cut, according to the rules of each House is different, commissions may or may not only 1/10, and even then, their income is also significant. So each service to meet each customer will use every trick, until you deposit up, don't listen to what they pledged that do not want to take them, deposit fully refundable such things, then please make sure to hold on, don't front is not firm, be sure to choose a good order. Generally, the money it's hard to return.
Contract rights are protected
Many people have contracted the awareness, many studios are now using its own contract, one of the many projects and articles are biased tendency of studios, at this point the only thing you can do is to you and the Studio agreed items, such as to eliminate the secondary consumer content indicated in the contract. Must be the written dispute and liability rules. Protect their interests is the most cost-effective approach.
Refused the second consumer
Shooting process in the is many Studio set consumption trap of important link, like told you select of price is grade is low of, supporting of wedding and distribution ornaments are compared old, to increased new needed additional added money, price in 500 Yuan-1000 Yuan ranging; makeup Division will complained you and groom of skin very poor, completely cannot Shang makeup, must using set makeup water, each support 100 Yuan, two people total needed 8 support; photographer also will said you wearing bride Garland, a branch flowers 50 Yuan, and accused you of BRA not qualified, needed another buy glass is, Price is 600 Yuan, and hypocrisy that can give you a 50 percent ... ... These impose Incises, best way is to hang up his face, reject, prepare, incapable Studio setting traps.
Reject stealth consumption 3
1. denial of ampoule. Ann bottle is a moments beauty liquid, it can let skin in is short of time within reached best State, but many MM are not understand has no side effects, and Ann bottle price more your, is Studio profit of means, recommends associate bride refused to using, if you must to using Ann bottle words, recommends you himself ahead of prepared, you can in head day night home do some beauty nursing, as mask, and eye posted,, to second days skin keep good of State.
Shooting the day after using cleanser carefully washed, emollient moisturizer on, then skin care cream. Because to bridal shops here has, however, store to buy these is not against your skin and all, will make you feel unhealthy, which affects mood.
2. do not add money for high-end clothing. Wedding most has meaning of part is new itself of emotional in words people of truth reveals, clothing just which its decorative role of is small of part, and high-end (especially material good) of clothing role does not obviously, added money for high-end wedding apparently is stealth consumption of trap, if you wants to in photos in the more reflected several sets clothing words, recommends you himself advance with several sets wedding and distribution ornaments, general photography equipment city of wedding are in two hundred or three hundred Yuan, shooting out of effect can deceptive.
3. props jewelry has come prepared. Nail Polish can be used in the process of photography, wig, false eyelashes, powder puff, underwear, contact lenses, hair ornaments, flowers (pictures of bouquets, garlands, wrist, shoulder flower, jewelry and other items, if not indicated in the contract are Studio free offer, you can prepare your own, so you can avoid filming was trampled upon.
Do not save deleted
Late wedding selection list is an important part of Studio revenue. Have ways to make you pay the money, keep a cool head is the guarantee to spend less.
An expenditure of the most terrible is the last selected picture. You this set of wedding photos taken in sleeve lady will tell you, for example, this set of wedding photos we'll help you take 200 to return 40 album. Other photos if you like you can add money to buy it. See, if one takes 40 to buy, 200-40=160, you have to spend of 6400 Yuan. So decisively, by deleting is necessary, especially the first feel-bad film. Don't worry enough list, Photo Studio photo of you in "hard-hearted" screening 3 times. When choosing wedding photos do not disturb by Studio personnel, only think good. Often you removed to a certain degree the Studio staff will compliment you on how your photos perfect, and a variety of concessions to tempt you. Such as upgrades, such as a photo album or upgrades of some large. You know, those so-called upgrade items far not described them as valuable. Therefore, only suggest you see in the film, can be upgraded into photos.
Flexible photo selection of films staff selling skills
Most studios will now recommend 1.4*1.6 of digital three photo collection hung on the bed, and do not recommend that you use a traditional 40-inch photo. Photographer might tell you that you can use 40-inch for this, just make a post becomes. Finally the post is 1700 or more. Don't fall for it! You just need a pained look, think you, do not want to pay for, photographers will tell you can be discounted. If you like don't show on your face, or be difficult to price.
Some Studios will tell you, buy the film more, three photographs digital collection and the cheaper. Cut to less than 50, he would have to worry, and the lowest price for you in ways to appeal to you. Minimum volume is 120, he reported more than more than 80 of the best price for you, sounds attractive. Calculate the total price, maybe you need to pay around 4000. Don't impulse! Let him give you some discount until you can't go any lower, is acceptable so far.
Other Studio sales personnel will be easy in the new party as a breakthrough, such as: and if it was worth spending big bucks to buy the film is an account. For example: "life, 40, is 14,600 days. Photos spend 10000 Yuan, 1.46 Yuan for every day. Mr paid 1.46 Yuan a day, Miss to get a better memory and eternal moment, is worth it. "Generally speaking everyone sorry, purse money is being taken away to laoshan. When choosing wedding photos to keep your mind clear, sober. Don't let sales lead you by the nose.
Late service DIY, money and creative
Of late many services can be DIY, photo specialty stores or the Internet to make its cost than Studio price a lot. Like zoom as, you can find professional of Minilab shop flush, a items on can province 300-400 Yuan; again like phase box, now popular skin business of, and crystal of, actually painting box, and Crystal, and pcture on broad of like of service to as avoid in Studio do, now has many professional of shop are can help you making perfect of album, relative Yu Studio of violence, in this items Shang you and can saves a pen money.
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