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Under a grey sky, wearing a white wedding dress of the bride and groom hold, but behind them are the smoke of the battlefield, soldiers armed to the teeth, carrying submachine guns, Stern ran forward. Wedding of war, only 80 later dared the war, bloody, tragic and associated with wedding photography. Generation growth in the information age, they can always get the latest information from the Internet, thus all kinds of request to the photographer.
"Yiqian to took wedding of couples will listening to we of recommends, because they think we from professional of angle proposed of recommends must is good of, but now of $literal wedding photography not as, they has himself of advocates and requirements, often on we said ' not ', they to cool, to personality, to novel, to different, some new even refused to we of wedding, wearing leisure clothing on began photo has! "A wedding photographers photographers said.
A Planning Department Director, met a few "non-mainstream" newcomers. Some couples wearing open denim jacket, wearing only a black BRA, sexy smell of came out as a whole, some new wedding photography as a fun game, customers spoke a couple of times will require makeup as non-mainstream, exaggerated lashes, the bright eye shadow, large areas of obvious blush ... ... More exaggerated over addiction, before if it is, it should be unthinkable: new.
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