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Wedding photography work room has always been is personality wedding of generation words, wedding photography work room type range of sets Department can let new people enjoy select, this a quarter of bride, no longer is greenhouse in of cute girl, she will neutral elements penetration in soft wedding in the, completely Subversion traditional advocates: improved Hat match rambling of lace or elegant a, shaped skirt, Hale riding boots mixed take out Mini wedding of small sexy taste, sharp black and white collision out Knight spirit... When outdoor Sun enchanting smile, she walks into the jungle, embarked on a dream tour.
Edward bride
Lineage Victoria of luxury temperament, Edward seven world of Palace in continues to staged elegant legend: taffeta wrapped chest wedding since tightened of Xia extends out quite Royal style of Chapel drag tail Peng skirt, satin surface flowers decorative in skirt pendulum wrinkle between, in gorgeous of hollow Silver earrings foil Xia, dress up out Princess feelings, in a white among, black ribbon decorative with Dim blurred of veil, pure red double lip in elegant pigment yan Shang lit enthusiasm, glow with outdoor bride of fashion spirit.
Gorgeous Barbie
Break traditional of design for bride interpretation out modern version of Barbie style: full Shang century 60 generation liberalism spirit of Mimi wedding, to in one fell swoop of fashion of stereo cut rendering out light cute of texture, dotted folds ornaments side of fan neckline, whole site ivory color flowers lace fabric, engagement confided out some sexy taste: cortex riding boots pairing out Frank Knight mood, candy like sweet of Orange bouquet echoed powder orange color lip color, kumquat color eye shadow, seemed moments was Sun kiss with.
Hollywood girl
Fairy tale in the of romantic wedding, is bride inside deep of sweet complex: mesh thin yarn deduction into light cute of Bon Bon skirt, brings girls General of pure and dream, pour v Word line segmentation out satin surface heart shaped wrapped chest, Swarovski Crystal woven into of fine Palace pattern, dotted in playing pleated thin yarn Shang, tie natural fit of low waist line shaping out slim curve, red leather long boots against with Ruddy double lip, achievements Sun Xia of gorgeous impression, in mottled of cinnabar color wood front, precipitation out Hollywood type of nostalgia style
Hei Bai Peishu Judy
Sharp to was breath of black and white, surging out moving of fashion notes, vest type hanging neck wedding diffuse American star charm, tail design outline bride of graceful profile, in big Li spent Sheng put of hollow white skirt Shang cover Black Lace cover, seemed gentleman vest like striking, beam Shang Satin with butterfly knot, interpretation elegant means, black silk dotted of straw Knight Cap clever to confirmed neutral advocates, bright of Berry color double lip, dazzling of powder purple bouquet, are to painting like rich of color highlights with wonderful of black and white art.
Knights wind Princess
Frank free and easy of Knight spirit is Princess Bride dream of beautiful, manual woven of luxury lace prefix full shiny Pearl, became wedding design of focus, tail type cut in knee rolling into a very rich vertical sense of thin yarn drag skirt, soft elegant of shadows and pressure pleated of yarn quality shells wrapped chest exist side by side, match a top by Duke satin and thin yarn composition of ladies riding CAP, moments will soft turned for unparalleled of nobles momentum. Her horses travel, using still does not look, make public confidence and nobility.
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