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Wedding photography in summer beware of heatstroke

Summer has arrived, and now in the off-season for wedding photography, some newcomers catch this season to shoot wedding photography, so you can win more concessions, but summer wedding photography should be careful of heat stroke, we've ever filmed in summer wedding photography's Ms Xu, who share with us the summer wedding photography experience.
Ms Xu: on August 11 last year, my fiancé and shot wedding photography in the Park. Although the weather is not hot, but very thick wedding, we put positions took a morning, noon I feel dazed, flustered. But in order to successfully complete the filming, I hang. Results did not last long, I have blacked out, unconscious and nearly fell to the ground. Hope my lesson for the recent wedding of Wedding couples, must pay attention to heatstroke.
To this end, the experts advised prospective couples, wedding photos in hot weather, be sure to do a precaution measures. First to ensure they get adequate rest before filming, shooting and tried to avoid shooting in the Sun and to drink plenty of water during the shooting process. If there is a heat stroke warning be sure to shade, cool place to rest and hydration
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