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Wedding Photography Studio "free services" behind "the trap"

"Into the wedding photo studio, originally thought the selected package is a Bob, but, starting from makeup, all costs beyond the budget can follow ... ... Until the sample is, will have to pay ' buy '. Last settlement 2018 packages turned over more than 2,800 Yuan. "Just finished wedding photography, Miss Lin complained. Recently, the municipal associations and party newspapers and telephone hotline received a number of complaints from consumers, reflected in wedding photography studio and Miss Lin in similar circumstances.
Wedding Photography Studio, how much hidden in the scene is booming "price trap"? In the "free service" what is behind the "trick"?
A little after 9 o'clock in the morning, our capacity as a customer walked into a wedding photography Studio. Salesperson was enthusiastic to showcase their different price packages, saying, paid a fee, all costs are included, and free wedding day wedding dress and makeup. But, Qian days just in this wedding photography work room in took finished photos of forest miss is told we, a began in this work room see sample Shi, businesses also commitment, in here film will free sent wedding and makeup, but, in service of when, charges "pattern" is endlessly: wearing flowers photography to added 50 Yuan, photo Shi can for selected wear of wedding dress all is some 50% new of "old loaded", as to select good is of wedding dress to plus 100 Yuan to 200 Yuan, Makeup for makeup water is also to be charged 50 Yuan ... ... Finally, toss out, the clerk will remind you: "due to recent is high season for weddings, so we cannot guarantee that your wedding day will be today's makeup artist for your makeup, if want to make sure that the makeup artist for your services, you need to pay 50 Yuan deposit. "Miss Lin, like many consumers, in front of staff requirements opted for a compromise.
Encountered in the wedding photo Studio 4 "bride", said he photographed a wedding, final settlement would have to be higher than the initial budget of nearly thousand Yuan.
Visit found that much room for customers to see the price lists of the marked price and "discount price" varies, as was more than 7,000 yuan, "preferential prices" just more than 3,000 yuan. Prices at different studios have varied widely. Zhao said: "me into XX the selection of films has fed, is also a 1699 Yuan, can choose only 20 shots, and colleagues at other studios can be selected over more than 30 shots. "
Wedding Photography Studio is there a fee? PCs and lopsided "preferential price" is real or fake? Businesses actually allows consumers to enjoy the benefits? The organ, perhaps only businesses themselves know best.
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