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Wanting to prevent the Shanghai wedding photography "unspoken rules"

Auntie Zhang's daughter is about to get married, ready to shoot the wedding in the near future. Aunt heard Shanghai wedding photography are very expensive, and often businesses ruthless slaughter, she would like to know what are the Shanghai wedding photography "unspoken rules", how to prevent it.
Before marriage a photo, leave a mark, which is that most couples feel that something needs to be done. But now the Shanghai wedding photography institutions varies greatly, the hidden rules often let the newcomers in the industry at a loss.
Start price, typically, wedding photography studio in Shanghai to be slightly cheaper than the large Studio, service is almost at first glance. For starters, for convenience, usually selecting businesses to provide packages, these packages ranging in price from more than more than more than 2000 Yuan to more than 10,000 yuan. More expensive prices, such as shooting in the field, and even take diving picture and so on. New people over more than 2000 Yuan to more than 5,000 yuan more at this price.
If you have already set up a psychological price, select package can go to the Studio. When choosing, remember not to forget one's own psychological price, and because merchants have "skills." 2888 is a package that you select, the business will "persuade" you: our price is b 3888, discounted down now only need 3000 Yuan, you want to try? Then exaggerate what projects have been introduced more b than a package, how cost effective and so on. In fact, a package can also be discounted, only 2500 Yuan. Although you are aware of the situation, but if you soft ears, you may select a b, so that you spend 500 Yuan, get is better than the original larger photo albums and picture frames as well as a poster, and increased its cost even less than 150 Yuan.
Above is nothing more "hidden rules" many people know that the--the film starting at a film offer more than 100 Yuan is not surprising. So, before your subscription package, it is best to ask: the film is free or need additional money. In addition to asking film, also shooting transportation how to solve, don't give money; makeup do you want money; did the whole shooting process follow makeup artist, makeup do not pay; men's makeup will not pay; providing several sets of clothes, if clothes are not satisfied with the Government is changing, not money, and so on.
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