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Marriage wedding photos, but often friends while watching the wedding, will have such an exclamation of "Wow, this person is so beautiful, not like you", if you do not want to shoot the wedding pictures, it doesn't matter, because some wedding photography studios are beginning to try wedding photo type.
Wedding Photography Studio's staff that now wedding style trends of natural, real, fresh and lively, not deliberately posing, little makeup, a wig, and even some don't wear headscarves. Wedding photos are now captured, there are some very happy and sweet border, it was not too much to see wedding photos in the past. Now seems to be more of a process, reflecting the mood of the first marriage, the wedding for the first time. And make each style more purely, romance is more romantic, more youth to youth.
Location shooting more fresh and natural style to a climax. Beautiful garden view, wide vision, here's new mood as one of pine, show that nature has a space. On location wedding photo of the couple has a better mood, so shoot photos of personalities appear fuller, bolder, better results. The changes brought about by the location is unmatched in the Studio.
Natural style is also the bride's makeup and dresses to create. Now almost all the wedding photography studio without makeup, in a transparent makeup base. This presents new Amoi makeup transparent makeup, as distinct from previous pure opaque nude makeup, makeup this season, particularly in near their clean and flawless face peach and pink Strawberry color photographic film of moisture. Wedding dresses in a simple and clean tone, natural style of rendering full self, make-up styling, hair by its minimalist performance most beautiful real brides. Matching jewelry with elegance, noble, elegant, simple, and in the background, also abandons the big flower pattern in the past, and pure color, outstanding contrast, high light and low light contrast is strong.
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