Wedding dress sense

Reasons for choosing Wedding Photography Studio

1, the price
Wedding Photography Studio of consumption, generally disposable, no secondary consumer, rest assured! For example ping, clothing and photos are free of charge, especially the pictures, I think it's worth it. wedding photo studio, is a trap step by step, starting from the make-up, Anping, 1001, powder puff, flower, VIP fashion, the last photo, Photo Studio for twenty or thirty, additional needs, dozens of pieces of a picture.
2, the service
Wedding Photography Studio is one of service, but the wedding photo Studio cannot guarantee, that I do not accept, a lot of people go out, do not know, will affect play.

Wedding Photography Studio's style varied, based on what you need to shoot, people very friendly, and wedding photo studio feel seemed to be a style, including gestures, head is changed.
Wedding Photography Studio fashion, not much volume but you can wear, relatively speaking, more beautiful wedding photo studio clothing is more upscale, but generally it is extra money.
Advantages and disadvantages of integrated, I chose a wedding photography Studio. I like the fresh, natural, unforced style.
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