Change of era of reform and opening up 30 years of wedding photography

Wedding photography, it is a required course for every couple before the wedding. 30 years ago, wedding photography it's "Western" thing, not everyone has access to. Due to various historical reasons, the 80 's of the last century, wedding photography reappears in their lives. After 30 years, personalized wedding photography by young hot. In 30 years, wedding photography and what is what kind of change.
Photos of three generations: from black and white to
1958 "sorry" to shoot wedding photography
Photo hero: Wang baomin, and xiaoxingyi
On July 1, 1958, the xiaoxingyi got up early, and her husband, Wang baomin shuncheng Street in the West really Photo Gallery photos on the go.
"Very embarrassed. "Xiaoxingyi said that the cloth is her carefully in department stores to buy light brown small floral, style is prevalent at high neck black buttons, hair shoulder-" little sister ", the only drawback is no makeup. Wang baomin, wearing white Plaid Shirt and dark trousers.
Two people love are rarely together, seemingly unrelated pictures, natural feel. Photographer for a long time, one before and one after two talents together. "One or two or three! "The lights flashed, xiaoxingyi instant mouth up slightly, a demure smile was never stopped on this precious photo.
Before 1980 "tongs perm"
Photo hero: Jiang Gongju, and Zhou Xurong
White lace, and trailing skirts, pretty yarn ... ... In March 1980, Zhou Xurong Jiang Gong took her husband let the envy of friends shine. When friends are afraid to try, consider wearing topless indecent, and shooting will be 30 yuan, on wage incomes of only thirty or forty dollars a month to the average person, it is too extravagant. 80, many fashion-conscious young people create their own "perm tongs", but the fire tongs must have temperature, burning Red hot bad hair, temperature is not enough hair is rolled up. Pictures that morning, Zhou Xurong tongs Perm, but wispy bangs were scorched. "That's when hair goes up in smoke and smell the burnt taste. "Zhou Xurong recall that earrings are the window with curtains rings and plastic beads. On that day, Jiang Gong to hair salons and hair. Hair salon did not gel, hair fixed, wind blows out. Blowing for the first time, did not go to the Museum, Jiang Gong hair messed up, go back only to blow it again. Later, mischief, covering her hair with both hands, out of the door went straight to the Hall, managed to keep easy hairstyles. Finally, a general picture and a half-length photo recording two unforgettable moments.
2008 interpretation wedding on the loess of Bacillus subtilis
Photo hero: Liu Jihong, and Peng Lin
Now, the pursuit of stylish modern, select Photo where more and more innovative. Liu Jihong Zhao Peng Lin and her husband in the background, not see green grass and red flowers, small bridges, but Bacillus subtilis loess, a "bleak".
"Not like everyone else. "Peng Lin says most tastes of autumn, autumn also bodes for long. Photos selected in March, but did not expect, Foothill Avenue photo, an abandoned site shines. Site Foundation is dug, dug out of the loess piled everywhere. "That's what want to feel, a fall, a bit of loess plateau. "Peng Lin shouted with excitement, it's all highly consistent Peng Lin's request. Thus, the loess subtilis into a photo background.
On that day, photographers, makeup artists and other line 5 started early in the morning, from 9 to 10 o'clock in the morning. Regardless of the angle, still poses, are well-designed. "Pretty crazy! "Peng Lin said the general feeling of the modern wedding.
Three generations of photographers: from miaohong to
70 's black and white photographs of the last century "make-up"
Wedding photographer: Tang Wu
Now, Tang Wu runs Green Bay Summer socks Street Digital Photo Studio, late 70 's in the morning taking wedding photos. When all photos are black and white, rely on lighting to highlight levels. But, after all, is a big deal, new people unwilling to commemorate "black and white". Thus, photographer-developed photos on "coloring". First send the negatives to Guangzhou washing and then by hand colored clothes "dye" color, it will take 20 days.
In 1981, Chengdu from Hong Kong to introduce a number of wedding dresses in color and color washing machine to replace artificial coloring, and opened the era of Chengdu color photos.
90 's last century mass production "somewhere"
Wedding photographer: Huawei
1994 Chengdu, I think of the wedding photography market, Huawei with "crazy" to describe it. At that time, a large wedding photography building, can accommodate eighty or ninety couples a day.
The 90 's of the last century, Golden Lady, developed in the Special Administrative Region and other wedding photo studio in Chengdu. In order to shoot a few photos, and attracted many young people came from the field. People, photographers are not enough, new queue waiting outside the door. Stylist makeup artists also use their most familiar mode of dress, makeup of the new prints are from the same mold. In order to save time, new people are doing the same gesture. "The photos, looks familiar. "
21st century "not surprisingly, nothing to"
Wedding photographer: Ye Danke
Their outdoor wedding, wedding dress, wedding dress ... ... Now, new choices are. Studio appearance of wedding photography has changed dramatically. Ye Danke Studio work, "wedding photography is a boutique line. "Ye Danke said the photographer and Assistant tailored to guest characters. "Slow work yields fine, can take perfect photos. "
In order to achieve a particular effect, Ye Danke on location most of the time. Even with an outdoor background, will choose different angles, shoot different artistic effects. Of course, new people to your selected location is full of tricks: car park, bar, cinema, grassland, and some new photos in the new met fell in love, "all in all, not surprisingly, did not do less. ” BACK
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