Wedding photography does not crash the little creativity

See entertainment news and sometimes seeing stars and xxx stars in attendance when "bump shirt", and was in their own hands, and everyone else, that should have a party-pooper. Wedding photography even more so, how can your wedding photo wedding photography and others same clothes, same background, gesture of it? Need to get some flowers out by this time.
Shangri-La's snow "hardship honeymoon"
Bride: Blue groom: MPEAK fee: 30,000 yuan (includes local transportation, room and Board total 4 days)
Go elsewhere to shoot a wedding photography, honeymoon in local-and a growing number of newlyweds choose this way.
Orchid the wedding photography prices hit a new high in the same type of 26,000 yuan--Shangri-La's hot line.
The whole 4 days, orchids and MPEAK, more like an adventure tourism. As a "model couple" they totally go with the photographer, 4 days of commuting, tortured two people exhausted, brought 12 sets of shape took only 7 sets. Sample a, after color, after revising plateau scenery at a glance, brides happy with laughter still.
Friendly reminder:
Hot Studio usually requires six months in advance, if in a hurry, you can keep in touch with each other, often with new temporary cancellations, blue caught this season. If circumstances do not permit, does not have to go to the mountain highlands shooting, many studios now launched in Hainan, Singapore shooting, suburban Jinshan seaview, Garden bamboo forest in Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu shot couple can make arrangements according to time, the economic situation, to avoid "hit the wedding."
Play CS
Bride: Bubble: and Lele cost: 5400 (including packages, post production and transport)
Say marriage is a war, civil war, foreign wars, armed to defend the fruits of their love.  Bubble when you book a wedding the bride, wearing a camouflage jacket, so photographers whim, suggested that they take a set of "CS battle dress" groom happy one, eyes shining with joy-and he happens to be a CS player. Lance Spear is ready – model. Camouflage clothing is often worn, usually, and makeup, really cute.
In this photo, a picture of the "great escape" received top ratings, everyone says that new "runaway" moves faster and more natural. In fact, in order to shoot this wedding, two people just ran several times back and forth against the wind, "it's okay isn't wearing a wedding dress."
Photo print, online, many users asking this is where shot, bride, smiling, not that when we were on an outing to the Sheshan!
Friendly reminder:
Don't forget the groom. Leads most of the wedding for the bride, that is why, if the groom creative color, characteristic of more photos, such as boys fantasize about making a wedding dress version of the Saint Seiya.
Back to the classroom, recreate our first love
Bride: groom Wuyan: match22 cost: 3300 (PCs) when shooting this wedding, the bride only a requirement – to reflect the 9 years of love track.
Photographer wrestling, deciding which of them had met a high (3) class started.
Sitting in the seat that year, wrote on the Blackboard 8 language "I love you", can not help but think that sentimental time when taking photos. Two people also chose the airport as a wedding shoot key scenes on the grounds that they parted company almost here.
Friendly reminder:
Recording pictures of love experience is the key to reproduce, have special meaning in some places be sure to clear before shooting, there was a couple shoot for too long, students come to class, and they haven't ended!
Other fresh idea:
Village wedding in the suburbs: not view is the best in the field, in the suburbs, can also shoot high style wedding photos, key by the photographer's eye, a lot of people try to find old houses in the city as a backdrop, works equally well.
Snow wedding: the wedding many couples like the snow, lingxia25sheshidu Angel is not easy to play.
Cartoon wedding: use crayons to draw on the distribution of Q next to the photo version of himself, is very interesting.
Old wedding photos: childhood in black and white photos were taken in the Studio of nostalgia, old wedding dress, distinctive flavor. BACK
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