Before going to the wedding photography Studio must be the beauty

If you select a wedding photography studio, you'll want to make your life the most beautiful and most important photo, but getting ready for a wedding photography studio effort cannot be ignored.
(A) two months before the pictures: those who wear glasses should be three months before the wedding photos are fitted with contact lenses, eye enough time to adapt;
(B) the picture two weeks before: stop eating greasy and fried foods to prevent acne outbreak, avoid Sun, prevent darkening of the skin, freckles or peeling; should use the appropriate whitening skin care products, make the skin more pale to do regular maintenance in order to makeup;
(C) the photo a week before: not cut hair or hair, because until about a week or so after the haircut would look like in advance; eyebrow. (Reference models in the fashion magazine attitude, practicing in the mirror at home. As the groom, best photo in front of the mirror practicing posture, reduce the rigidity of the spot)
(D) taking pictures the day before: drink less before going to bed, to avoid belly edema or eye eyes the next day; sleep, preventing dark circles; clean hair;
(E) picture day: wash your hair clean, but do not spray and shape of water; the bride should be wearing open lingerie, with strapless bra; brides wear a fitted corset or changing underwear, works perfect when wearing a wedding dress; his black leather shoes. Optional left the woman's shoes. (General photo Shi feet not exposed without worried, if need took to shoes Shi Studio will arrangements shoes); as to wearing glasses photo, should put lenses removed, only retained frames, case lenses appeared reflective phenomenon; photo Shi of big light lamp may will sting eyes, makes eyes appeared red reinforced, should be with prepared idiomatic of eye potion moist eyes; took a series photos often needed Shi five or six head, so should in shooting Qian eat points things; if was tired or has views, should as soon as possible to photographer proposed. BACK
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