Wedding Photography Studio transparent consumption characteristics

Wedding Photography Studio consumer disputes, a major problem is that some of the operators through contract provisions setting traps to make uninformed consumer is deceived. Some services have also been hit by operators "stuffy" do not inform in advance, service layer upon layer increases payments to suspend service if the consumer does not. An important reason for respected wedding photography studio, is that "consumer fear, studios abandoned", even if it is "norm", the Studio also abandoned without.
Photography has always been a wedding in consumer complaint hot dispute focuses on levels of selected number of films, dresses, make-up and so on. Represents many large companies as the couple take two hundred or three hundred pictures, but only to modify the list of forty or fifty, if other negatives of the photographs of the couple, will be required to pay an additional price per dozens of. Or, the couple agreed with the company free to choose three or four sets of dress, during the filming of the day noted that the dress is "grades", free selection of old-fashioned, new toll increase to choose "high grade" dress. Also has, bride makeup of cosmetics "Ann bottle" (for professional set makeup of a cosmetics, can in shortest time within upgrade skin quality, and not easy off makeup), and fake lashes is part operators of "make money", "Ann bottle" 100 Yuan a bottle, and fake lashes 100 Yuan a pay, if new not select, makeup Division will said this will effect makeup capacity effect. Many newcomers in order to commemorate the once in a lifetime to perfect, can only pay.
These cases would not have happened in the wedding photography studio, as most studios have abandoned the "norm", pushing the transparent consumption. "591 marriage network" can also be seen on most wedding photography studio in service stated in the rules: film all the discs free, dress is not partition, "bottle" and false eyelashes all the gifts, location tickets to stop fare all borne by the Studio ... ... Consumers worried about the matter, and prior service.
Rough count, those consumers fear that services can bring to the operators of at least hundreds of, thousands of additional income. Can be one of the Studio heads said, can't be, because such profits can more consumers: "these additional income but hundreds of Yuan 1000 Yuan, change is the new people were dissatisfied with the service, also through word of mouth, forum posting, expressed dissatisfaction. And transparent consumer and attract more customers, now the price of a wedding dress in three thousand or four thousand Yuan, the money and reputation far more than ' get smart ' worth. "
Brand wedding companies a big advantage was standardization of services. As established earlier, staff time, and strong financial and technical support, big brand wedding businesses more often than smaller Studio collaboration resources will be available, such as provide the wedding banquet hotels, luxury wedding car rental, etc. But "Tiger" small wedding Studio House a standardized service road.
Spring April or May is the peak season for wedding photography, many big brands in order to improve work efficiency to consumers "assembly-line" service mode: a makeup artist, a photographer for two or three couples services, new people take turns to make up, turn the front styling, and backend is also programmed to adjust each batch of photos printed. Standardized operation, the couple get although the quality of the finished product is guaranteed, but avoid "thousands" effect.
Small Studio I do, even if the guests more, a makeup artist, a photographer, just a couple a day, post-production is also adjusted according to different requirements of the couple. BACK
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