Wedding photography is to record love photography

Some people consider that the photography wedding photography is love!, in other words, fine wedding photography can make people want to cry and wanted to get married, simple nature, breath of life, to reflect the new love and happiness are the 2009 wedding photography trend.
Traditional wedding photography is focused on the couple's package, shot mostly indoors scenes repeated, relying on props, style stereotype of the wedding is easier to date. Starting from 2008, the new popular wedding fashion 2009 trend more apparent.
Simple, elegant and sophisticated fashion, fresh styles, green hills and clear waters of the real scene, everything in nature, embodied in the life, filled with love and happiness in the elegant atmosphere. Only simple and natural can reflect the heritage of culture and history, reflecting the new life. Korean General had concluded that, after years of experimental practice of wedding photography, and finally to two return: return to nature photography, began to emphasize light; the return to human nature, reflecting human nature.
Currently melodrama style of wedding photography is the focus of the new, new people are the pursuit of individual photographic team, with newcomers melodrama of the same aesthetic concept take a different photo, do not use repeating patterns make fashion, romance and a free personalized wedding photos. BACK
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