More beautiful wedding photography studio location

"We carefully selected the wedding photo studio, is a fancy his natural home exteriors. "Wedding week cheerfully said as he flicked just got the album. Weekly shooting on-location wedding took less than 6000 Yuan, backlot is a forest park and some 30 old houses real, Europeanization and the atmosphere of the wedding.
Park is the most often used in wedding photography studio location location, Shanghai's largest park is saw as their wedding photography studio backlot. Spent married wedding photography recently launched "close to nature" location wedding, as long as select 1888 Yuan above wedding photography sets Department on can for location shooting, has 30 generation continental landscape House, has natural location, and green wall, and green willows small bridge side, creative, recently more launched Super full location of wedding photography, statue Rong Guibin type enjoy, one-on-one of shooting, and makeup service, a all day of personality creative shooting, all including in 5600 Yuan in the, spent married wedding photography staff also special introduced has now most popular of " Crystal color "transparent makeup tips fashion: everybody is not the same, to make the bride shed their natural style of course, and on location in nature, low light, so the makeup must be true in order to reflect the beauty and the beauty of outdoor. General location, just as the natural effects are pretty good, the couple is natural in a natural environment, conducive to inspiration for photographers to snap again ... ... BACK
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