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Remember that Jay had a song lyric is "me imagining black and white photographs, and MOM and dad look of the year", if you have curiosity about the previous vintage wedding photography? Wedding Photography Studio now has unveiled photos of every age, an old-fashioned wedding photos can make you look more cultured, more meaning.
Wedding Photography Studio to launch the earliest is 1919 "May Fourth Movement" before the wedding, Chinese believe in red, the couple are absolutely not allowed to wear white clothes.
With the introduction of Western culture in the early 20, wedding debut in China for the first time, Sir returning from overseas, a lot of people have embraced Christianity, they generally choose a church wedding.
30 generation Western clothing big line its road. in Shanghai, big city began popular wear white wedding dress, General bride wear white wedding dress, hand holding flowers, head wearing white long yarn, up five or six meters, groom wear black big dress, white hard led shirt, wearing black tie, hand holding black does hat and white gloves, addition also has men and women two bit bridesmaids, also wear big dress and white yarn, accompany with pair new, held wedding Hou on in Church within and both parents, witnesses, shooting photo as, this is initially of wedding, This type of wedding photos has been extended to 50.
Around 40 white wedding dress has become a trend, wedding photos by gradual transfer of photos to the photo gallery of the Church, the program also take pictures from wedding photos to wedding gum, from group photos into two sophomore small photo of four, and that only the groom, bride group photo of the two men, from the beginning of a veritable wedding photos.
50 and 60, 70 's wedding is about the same. at that class struggle, politics of the era, I'm afraid not many people dare to wear a wedding dress and suit, or is said to yearn for the bourgeois lifestyle. marriage is a human need has also been ranked second, instead of the revolution needs work needs.
70--we often see in their room's Photo
80 's people finally put on a wedding dress and suit.
90 – make-up techniques at that time really did not have to say, most people recognize it.

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