Wedding Photography Studio to teach you before the photo quick weight loss

Some busty MM in front of the wedding will have concerns, I fear I can not make the best effect, it will begin to struggle to lose weight, but some way to lose weight is not correct, a wedding photography studio of the photographer tells us that in the best way to lose weight before the wedding.
Following is a wedding photography studio for new diet a week to go, hoping for new role:
Monday diet dish: white gourd
Reason: white gourd and sweet light and slightly cold, water reducing the effectiveness, if it can be eaten with the skin, the effect is better. Eating melon, which can dispel the fat and moisture content, will be able to play a role in weight loss.
Tuesday diet dish: Leek
Reason: Chinese chives are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and vitamins and other nutrients, but also contains a lot of fiber, on gastrointestinal peristalsis is promoted, it can accelerate the discharges excess nutrients and excess fat in the gut.
Wednesday weight loss food: seaweed
Reason: kelp heat water, has a fat buck effect. While it contains many minerals and vitamins which can dispel the deposition in the body, such as the deposition of fat in the heart and blood vessels, intestines, can often clear.
Thursday weight loss vegetables: radish
Reason: white radish flavor is sweet and cool, a greasy, fat elimination, and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and other effects. The choline it contains substances, reduces blood lipids, blood pressure, very conducive to weight loss.
Diet dishes on Friday: mung bean
Recommended reasons: mung bean sprouts are rich in plant protein and various vitamins, ate will help eliminate greasy, diuretic, cholesterol. There are many eating mung bean sprouts, salad, stir-fried dishes can be very easy to do.
Saturday weight loss vegetables: mushrooms
Reason: fungus sweet and cold, which contains a polysaccharide material, are good for lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, can effectively fight obesity. It is a high protein, low fat, more fiber, more famous vegetarians of the minerals. BACK
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