Yuanming new Park's first wedding photo base in Zhuhai

On June 4, ever signed a contract with new Yuanming Palace at Gongbei port Plaza Atrium, creation of first Royal Garden wedding photography base in Zhuhai, theme wedding photography was held after signing large publishing and recruitment of lovers lead site award. Known as the "South China the only Imperial garden" Yuanming new Park, will be the first Royal Garden wedding photography base in Zhuhai.
It is reported that forever Yuanming new garden large lovers in this topic leads the recruitment activities, schemes in Zhuhai and Macao region free recruited a couple as lover of the protagonist in this topic, and prepare more generous awards. Recruiting began on May 23 by forever company Web site started, June 4-7th vote. First available value of 9500 Yuan Ming Yuan new Park 30 man royal wedding ceremony, 4880 Yuan worth forever new Royal Garden theme wedding photography and cash 1000 Yuan. BACK
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