Wedding dress wedding fairy tale

Short wedding dresses: v-neck short dress along with the texture of the tail coat, and took off his jacket is a perfect make up.
Chinese qipao: beautiful Holy wedding does not reveal festive Chinese cheongsam and dignified, dress is still a bride's favorite.
Wear the wedding dress of that moment, as if turned in the fairy's magic wand, the body beautiful, shining the light of happiness, waiting for the arrival of Prince.
Interpretation of the story of the sleeping beauty--fur shawls: fur shawl of the same color, fold-and-fluffy group set, white, clean and classy.
Embroidered stomacher: universal tube top dress, plus most popular Anaglyph stereo embroidery dotting a bright red flower head into the pen.
Play frog Prince stories--temperament style design around the neck, heart flower embellishment at the waist and did not miss any detail of the beautiful.
Interpretation of thin snow white story--embroidery wedding dresses: Diamond collars, large and small, and the word luxury to. BACK
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