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Since the large and small wedding photography studio after hongbian, along with the business and industry development, an important issue in front of businesses--how to realize a new leap forward? How to get out of the plight of profit margins because of competition?
Shoot don't shoot? Degree of affinity of the human environment
Pay attention to shopping environment, the pursuit of Fame, emphasizing the human qualities, which is a part of businesses attach great importance to. Wedding Photography Studio in particular, has high affinity can create a human environment? Is the key to success.
The girls from participating partners for the first time the day of the wedding, or through mass media and other forms, just a "wedding dreams". As a bride-to-be, is wedding photography of their target customers.
And when they came to the wedding photo studio, through reception, advice and services when deciding whether to shoot, it is wedding photography studios all joints-the source of profit from operating activities.
The first case is, reception experience and subjective judgment to analyze and consider customer's psychology, and then provide appropriate consultation according to their conclusions, the last two decisions are taken. Their success rate is about 50%.
The second case is that regardless of how the staff attentive and just right to provide a satisfactory service, but customers still have to shop around, shooting "stranded". Its success rate is not good research.
How can I make this relates to the survival of wedding photography studio "decision that the customer buy" more effective? We first analyze the customer's agent.
As can be seen from the above table, as male and female customers consume very different psychological dimensions, so wedding with motives contrary to buying appliances. As the bride of target customers, should be the final decision maker. Therefore, the key to winning wedding photography studio, is through the original design to influence target audience (the bride-to-be) decisions.
In other words, in wedding photography studios large and small customers (bride) in selecting what is most important?
A set of photos, is the product of wedding photography Studio. Products to have "people" human services environmental comfort, service, warmth and pleasant.
One was to have a soft hard environment services. It includes a Studio appearance, color, graphics, symbols, lights, displays and other "hard", which cannot easily change the things do not always go Vi (image recognition system).
This "person" who is it? Some say Designer, was said to be the boss, or a combination of cooperative work. But according to the requirements of the customer satisfaction strategy, he should be-customers, bosses and designers a service to customers.
"Environment" as an example, other than the clean and tidy (which anyone can do), relaxation is the most difficult piece of writing. Site layout is a problem, and chairs is also an issue, the background music is the problem, and room temperature, smell, and touch are also problems-eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind this "six desires" are tested and judged the "elegant" is the extent and intensity (who can do this best? )
Starbucks ' efforts to lobby into a customer's own "second living room" of McDonald's highly stylized service, the special value "Recreation". Starbucks "elegant" is casual and relaxed, the McDonald's "elegant" is a warm and lively. Wedding Photo Studio "elegant" should be "new homes" as mystical and chic-this is called affinity.
Second is soft services should be hard.
"Warm service", which is a "fuzzy" concept of how to quantify? "Lovely", this is a zero-distance services to communicate without limits, how can we materialize?
Small to tone, language and tone, large costume, facial expressions and attitudes concrete gestures, body and step, abstract ideas, sentiments and Wills – should be carefully studied, and conscientiously implement, organized.
Wal-Mart has a "10 steps away from customer to show 8 teeth smile" provision, this highly quantifiable "hard" to "soft serve" will follow, to implement and properly implemented.
Otherwise, simply highlighted and repeated requests, not only is the staff to drop like a fog, more damaging is that customers cannot be identified as a whole, cannot feel from the specific contacts, will not be able to get a real service.
Essence of the chain is standard. Among them, the "soft standard" is the last word.
Sweet or not? The aesthetic appeal of the filming process
As mentioned above, the customer, have become new marketing a top priority in the new century. From fighting for customers ' money bags to compete for customer attention to the brain thinking together with the customers, operators are on the altar, stress becomes more and more emphasis on culture, and advocate the truth, making full economic connotations-the human brain thinking limits and to become more human economic activity more humane and more rational. Consumers, on the contrary, they are grotesque exaggerations, inverse logic of clever and surreal appeal to traditional marketing does a final fight-in commodities more rich, in the era of science and technology progress and market renovation, copy the self, blank, for humanity to shine.
In particular, wedding, "once in a lifetime" in nature, it has a very high significance. As a "regret" the art of photography, can make such a sublime is guaranteed? Second key is customer satisfaction.
Wedding Photography Studio providing customers with the ultimate product, the bride smiling sweet not sweet? From aesthetic appeal throughout the filming process.
The bride's aesthetic appeal is self-evident. It consists of three levels: the first is the most beautiful youth alive; the second is the happiest moment; the third is to sustain the most enjoyable time.
Thus, in wedding photography in the whole process, because dealing with psychological demanding highly excited customers, very exciting and nerve, so customers are highly sensitive in the psychological and neural activity, if there is a link error, may cause customer's unhappiness, and ultimately affect the quality of the product, direct impact on brand communication.
In this highly interactive customer service, what is a Studio must pay attention to the link?
First ring is reception   except front by said of, here to stressed of is such a problem, if can will education and persuaded customer purchase do extreme, that customer in unknowingly in the cut money to, that late, in later photo end, and see sample, and take tablets of follow-up service in the, must insisted what of is: cannot has any of slack, cannot to people to out of mind of feel. Some studios have developed "the pre-sales and after sales" and other similar regulations, but in the implementation of the "loss of signal" not satisfied customers.
Make friends with customers asking reception staff in the service of yinglaisongwang become friends or even friends, after another for years, even if it is encountered in the street, like sisters. This requirement may be too high, but it is the real meaning of customer satisfaction strategy rather than tactics.
Second loop make-up   wedding photography's biggest problem is that people "painting" thousands of people. Recently, this situation is being changed, but it is still not satisfactory. The reason is simple, it is the highest form of human personality, only a highly personalized service, is the ultimate because it embodies the essence of human nature and satisfied customers.
Makeup artist's level is, whether according to the different people of different makeup, "second creation" to achieve amazing artistic effects and produce permanent charm?
Third is taken   or is that sentence, even if it is the same face, the same scenery and lighting, also should have different shapes, angles and effects. Stylist the scheduling and the creativity of the photographer, should be sought to avoid formulations and stylized, make this process as "wonderful moment" and create a sense of beauty.
In addition, in all aspects of post-production, wedding photography studio providing beauty services and products, the bride's smile is sweet. Such as "proportional" relationship of proportions of higher customer satisfaction resulting from stronger reputation.
To get these relate to all aspects of customer satisfaction process of forming customer beauty, in addition to appropriate indicators and process requirements, more important is the quality of employee's business and technology, and these two aspects of capacity building, the key is their aesthetic standards.
Good or bad? Whether it is still good?
Good or bad? This measure of value.
If a customer, after how many years of experience, as the years change and personnel changes, took out the photos is still very elegant and very noble and very attractive, is the best compliment to our service.
Says good wedding photography, in fact, include the following elements: the first is the bride's look, which is what we used to say "gouweier"; the second is the art of the bride is truly reflecting "art" or "technique" a watershed; the third is a combination of complete set of wedding photos, including wedding dresses, accessories, styling and production of all "systems package".
The first problem is that Studio works according to fashion design, is consistent with the pursuit of customers?
The second problem is that Studio compositions, can exceed customers ' appreciation? To form value-customers expect?
The third problem is that Studio creation product, can withstand the scrutiny of the years? Can be associated with the bride a lifetime of works of art and historical treasures?
This requirement to that last one, seems to be a little high, but from an analysis of the essence of things, only the last one is the most crucial.
Thus, wedding photography if you cannot reach it deserved such a high level, it is a question of the future development: on the one hand, and Studio employees are engaged in is a project as the wedding day after day of "work", and came to new people is taken in "aesthetic". So the "work" becomes "aesthetic", not only is a priority, and is a prerequisite for Yong attractive wedding photography.
Fine work, "aesthetic" first.
The establishment of "customer profile" for wedding photography that "one-off" service projects, like extra things. However, starting from the customers walk in the door, or are here to ask and start online, hold fast to their psychological activities and provide fine content-product, price and service very detailed introduction, change "disposable" as "many times" or even as "permanent", will stabilize the customer resources play a role in drawing inferences.
Most telling is that in many Studio, because the management vacuum and low quality, customers turn to take pictures is always on time, "waiting" has become a big problem. In the "work", let alone aesthetic, don't breath fire is good.
Establish customer files, database marketing, other chains have been twittering away, wedding photo studio IT was imminent, imminent.
Attentive service, is the "aesthetic" is the second element.
Brides as a female, they have numerous consumer experience, but this time is different, making them particularly sensitive and exciting. In situations like this you want to "work" becomes "aesthetic", not to "considerate service" is not available.
The most simple example is obvious: when a customer looks ugly and looks beautiful when they met staff, what kind of adjustments do? When makeup a bride after you apply the lipstick on the mouth and then apply to b, c, d, and what would they think? There are similar to the wedding is a disinfection? Photos are not satisfied with how remedies ... ...
Here, education staff for "empathy" is extremely important. It requires "once in a lifetime" brides, we need to "bride every day", if it is each day do the bride, how do psychological reserves? This type of mood? More detailed arrangements and what needs to be done?
This involves the "aesthetic" the third element: warm and thoughtful.
Referred to this issue, as is commonplace. In practice, however, this is a particularly vulnerable to "brilliant" place – warm, thoughtful, more thoughtful and more enthusiasm, since it is a commodity catalogues, of course, full of "consuming passion".
To achieve this level, is based on "customer-centric". What is a customer-centric? Kodak advertising Word is "you just need to press the shutter, the rest of the things I do." Control, a veteran customer satisfaction strategy of transnational corporations, where are our gap? How customers think more? How to make customers and situations in the physical and emotional as true?
Nowadays in the Studio, some open, some closed; a very, very good business opportunities, selling bad couldn't say. What is the difference? Difference is that customers understand, select, purchase and use the whole experience of your product or service is different, experience is that the entire experience is different.
According to the Futurist Alvin Toffler divided, turn into human society agricultural and industrial economy and experience economy in three stages. And the experience economy, that is, of today's service economy is a kind of promotion, but also an extension of the knowledge economy, is to provide customers with products and services based on sensual pleasures and spiritual wealth provides a high. At present, the sports industry, marked by the rise of the entertainment industry and the tourism industry, experience economy is on the rise, and more and more in the area of consumer to outline the role of.
Tap customers, identifying customers, becomes urgent and top priority, because, for the new business structure under the new terms of purchase-also customers, also lost customers.
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