Beautiful butterfly to join wedding photography

I'm a photographer I shot wedding photography to the couple when the bride suddenly says: "amazing! "So, on location with a pair of butterfly haunts new photographer frames in the camera, the picture really beautiful. She said happily: "it's so romantic, so rare! "I listened to the heart moving, can't keep a few butterflies, during the filming of wedding photography to new use?
So, I have to ask a biology professor, he told me that butterflies love the taste of sweet, and wedding dress similar to the texture of fabrics coated with honey to feed them, a long period of time, they will have conditioned reflex, to fly on a wedding dress. How do these beautiful butterflies? Butterflies lay eggs, from egg to larvae then become pupae, and finally to become a beautiful butterfly, this process in about two months. Due to the butterfly on the temperature and humidity are high, need to have the corresponding heating, humidification devices, and to create a comfortable living environment, called "aristolochic" climbing vine is a favorite of rare butterflies. In addition, every day to feed the butterfly baby honey water and special nutrition. After more than 10 days, the butterfly baby will grow up to be a beautiful butterfly. Open the cage, flying butterflies really went to the wedding. I was so excited, immediately contact the Studio. The next day, I'd come to the Studio with their set, picture perfect for the couple are quite satisfied with the photographer, Studio bosses decided to cooperate with me for a long time.
Price of 1 Yuan each, I will sell butterflies to Wuhan to the major studios, but due to the butterfly's life expectancy is only 2-3 weeks, so my order is coming. Two months down, I leaned the butterfly earned 30,000 yuan. Now I'm "butterfly flowers company" was officially opened, the main business was butterflies flying, every wedding season is a customer at his door. BACK
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