Wide range of wedding photography studio album what's the difference?

Arguably album design and production to a large extent, affected a photo set of standards and reflect the level of wedding photography studio, and of course photos are printed or laser and about photos in varying degrees of detail.
After choosing a wedding photography studio, how to choose the right photo album is indeed a very important issue, according to our experience the following briefly:
Album technological development today, the product has been upgraded several times, can be divided generally:
Traditional hand-book: traditional book page rough, production methods can only rely on the manual, is the photos came out, after trim, attached to the artwork on paper, and then cold, last posted in this manual page. Direct output or cold lamination, folded into a photo album. Hand-book of their production costs are relatively low, but over time, easy deformation, Homburg, bubble, scatter. Most Studio and Studio are not doing such a book, a customer asked the soft leather journal book fall into this category, for short periods, has been eliminated.
Digital books: a single page design, Middle seam and seamless cross-page design, together with indentation in the Middle marks, photos are double on the sticker in the brochures. Long is also prone to glue, Homburg, scattered, dorsal Raphe nucleus breaks, the bubble problem.
Earlier, Studio universal in this album. DIY photo albums on the Internet now belongs to this type. If it is under 7 inch smaller, and does not intend to permanently save, use this.
Recommend leather because leather is the most affordable prices, and more convenient to save. Although we face is the best in the tempered Crystal, but persisted, we still feel the Crystal surface is a bit fragile after all, no matter how strong the tempered Crystal than leather so afraid of throwing, not afraid to hit and use their own photographic magazine covers, we feel the long-term as well as the leather stain-resistant wear washable.
Summary says, loss prevention in leather waterproof and wear-resistant and dirt best.
Ultra thin PVC album:
Photo by coating with PVC materials pressed together, slim, thickness is thinner than the conventional core-Bible in Korean, and page production, plus page will not be thick. Layout smooth feel good, smooth, bright, bright-clear, long-term storage of deformation, no froth, may use the wet cloth to scrub, waterproof and fade resistant.
PVC material thinner than the books of the Bible.
These 2 process is permanent deformation, but expensive PVC raw material cost, light weight, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, moisture resistant, flame retardant, and so on.
By 3 types of cover: leather, crystals, magazines.
South Korea books of the Bible (also known as forming one photo album, or Bible album):
Production processes are: first digital photo typesetting output, and then by machine coating, followed by machine pressing on to the page as a whole, and the whole CD, edge, 12 and two processes.
This album moisture-proof, wear-resistant, scratch, bubbles, distortion does not occur, bleaching and other issues, a permanent deformation. Page processing is completed, last operation was with cover.
Cover 3: Crystal cover (Studio called jade glass), leather, can also be used for the customer's own photographic magazine cover. BACK
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