The destruction style of wedding photography Studio

Now that generation of new people like alternative, personalized wedding, then wedding photography studio to shoot a perfect wedding, the photographer will do some damage when the proposed bride for their wedding photos.
Sydney wedding photography studio one kawanna, shoot the wedding photos are quite different from other studios. Photographer Adam card that can take a photo similar to the cover of Vogue, and the photo looks very different: the bride's dress is not wet, is on the edge of the mud, even painted.
And Adam said, this method of shooting in our wedding photography studio was just beginning. Told Reuters: "the United States has a Photo Studio, bride took a picture of the fire--not true fire, of course, but the bride did look a bit like Joan, it's shocking. "Australia this" damaged wedding dress "trend was followed in his footsteps.
Adam said Australia brides should try fresh, which makes them look even more creative--and dare to damage is generally considered the most precious wedding – wedding dress. Said that while "destroy wedding" sounds like an unacceptable, but first today, also there is a new willingness to try.
Shooting a "destruction photos" expensive, $ 2950 (about 19,000 yuan) to 5500 Australian dollars (about 35,000 yuan). In order to ensure the bride put on the perfect dress for the wedding, "damaged wedding dress" as newlyweds honeymoon trip taken after.
Adam said: "rarely has extreme ' destruction ', usually just wet your wedding dress, this can be repaired. Or wedding rubs some dirt or mud, looks more like a model fashion photo shoots and wedding photos of unusual people. "
Lao Ruihe Sydney husband tried this technique, falls to the State Park wedding photos. "Start to think, ' Oh my God, why would anyone want to ruin your own wedding? ' But it's really interesting, "Lowry said," took the photographs than the wedding also, because this photo is very exciting, shot put. After the wedding has not been completely destroyed. ” BACK
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